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Today I finally crossed over in to my third “proper” country of my journey (UK and Hong Kong being the only places I had previously set foot).  I got up, had a shower, made the most of the cheap and good quality breakfast at the hostel (Scrambled Eggs…again  :P) and headed off to the bus station.  The Europa bus station had been where I had arrived in Belfast City, so returning had an interesting bookend type feel to my time in Belfast.  It felt a little less safe though after my black cab tour guide had reliably informed me that the Europa hotel above the bus station has the record of the most bombed hotel still operating in the WORLD haha.

My trip on the bus was really easy. Buying a ticket was even easier than buying a Metcard in Melbourne….as there was actually a staffed ticket office and all I had to do was say “Dublin please” and hand over my £11.50.  The bus was on time, was really  clean and only took 2 and 3/4 hours.

It does make me think that if you gave anyone £30.00 anywhere in Europe, by train, bus or plane they could get to anywhere else in Europe, to any number of countries.  It is quite amazing and different from Australia.

There wasn’t a visible sign, that I saw, of  Welcome to Ireland-proper (or the republic as they call it over here), but you knew you crossed the border as there were a few give aways. Firstly the roadsigns started being in both English and Irish, they were blue and all distances went from miles to kilometers – Ireland is definitely Europe ;).  We also had to undergo an immigration check…which was the bus pulling over at some point in the road that appeared random, 2 jokesters of  guys walking on and checking your ID  cards or Passport by a quick glimpse – no need to even hand them over.

I am staying at Jacob’s Inn Hostel which is luckily located right opposite the road from the bus station.  Literally!  It is a rather large building, clean and appears to be okay.  Due to prices being higher in Dublin than anywhere else I am in a 10 bed dorm for 4 nights and a 12 bed for Friday and Saturday nights.  It appears to be okay…but I’ll let you know how it goes after my first night’s sleep!  I have already learnt that the cafe is a ripoff…charging me €9 for 200ml of coke and okayish 9 inch pizza just isn’t on.  Especially when there appears to be a lot of different, cheaper restaurants in my area just north of the river.


Anyway, I have decided that I will go on my walk around Dublin in a second after I checked a few things and tried to plan out my week here (and of course wrote this post!).  There is a cheap (€0.5 an hour) internet cafe just around the corner of the hostel which is awesome!  My first impressions of Dublin though are that it is another industrial city, a little more similar to Melbourne in layout – especially as it is built along a river, but it appears to be a fun, grimy kind of place!  Again…whether those impressions last will be interesting!



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  1. Psst – Ozcuz – are you heading here, if so when? You may want to just let the old girl know. Have fun in Dublin, it’s a top city mate.

    Comment by Riza | March 31, 2009 | Reply

    • Email already sent 😉

      Comment by casaboy69 | March 31, 2009 | Reply

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