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Hey where did you go, days when the rain came, Down in the hollow, playin a new game. Laughin and a runnin, skippin and a jumpin…

So WOOOO I’m in Belfast.  I’ll start at the beginning as that is a good a place as any to start.  My flight left from Leeds Bradford International airport at about 1:15pm.  I say about because I am not sure…it was supposed to be 1:15 but most flights were delayed and my phone was off so I am not sure when we actually left.  A couple of things surprised me about the flight. Firstly, it was over before it began.  It took only 45 mins to cross most of England and the Irish Sea and land in Belfast :O  Also, my Jet2 flight was 3/4s empty.  Seriously, it felt like if I had bought a friend I would have doubled the occupancy.


My first view of Northern Ireland, from above, was that it was really green.  As green as it is supposed to be if you watch enough TV 😉 This was only confirmed as the 45 min bus ride from the airport (yes notice how it was the SAME TIME as the flight itself!!!) went through the country side and it looked very GREEN! 😛

Belfast itself though its quite an industrial city. My hostel (Belfast International Hostel) sits on what I think is the south side of the town…but my geography is a little stuffed.  It is a big hostel that has a “mass produced” feeling about it.  It is cheap about about a tenner a  night, but still I think had this not been the first hostel I ever booked (even before I went to Edinburgh, Wales, etc) I may have chosen better.  I have higher hopes for Cork and Killarney especially!
When I arrived in Belfast…get this…it was sunny!  They have 1 hour of sun a year and it was my first impression. Unfortunately, after I had dropped off my bags in the hostel, the sun was gone 😦  In fact the sun was gone and the rain and wind were here in force.  Believe what they tell you about the weather here haha.

I decided to do what I always do in a new city and just walk around to get my bearings…even though it was raining.  Now at this point I will point out that I will add photos to this post when I am back in Leeds (this being my first internet cafe post ;)).  As I said before, the city is industrial but it does have some charm to it.  The city hall and Albert Memorial Clock are particularly impressive.


I did though suffer a familar fate on my ‘walk’, being that I got lost LOL. I had planned for this though and got a map at the airport.  As I was finding my back to where I remembered I did make one observation though.  Belfast-ians LOVE the Titianic.  If you don’t know, the Titanic was built here and with the amount of posters, tourist sites, etc about it, you would almost think the bastard made it threw one journey without sinking 😛  I am a little intrigued by the Titanic Boatyards Museum thingo…and may check that out on Sunday if I have time.

I spent the rest of my arvo in pubs. First in Lavery’s (drinking my first Guiness over this side of the water that will be pictured below eventually) watching the English ODI side get killed.  Then in Benedicts having another Guiness watching DHuss dominate in the 20/20 game for Australia – I moved pubs to watch the Australian cricket 😉


Anyway, after a fish and chip dinner (cod and chips with salt and vinegar to be precise…and somewhat British haha) I am here.  Not much else will happen tonight.  I am tired after a day of travel and want to fit in a full day tomorrow.  I stopped in at the tourist centre and know at least 2 tours I want to do.

On that note though I am off 🙂


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  1. So how was the Guinness – different? better? the same?

    Comment by Niranjan | March 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Ummm…different in that it is a little cheaper. It tastes the same but it isn’t the same “lunch in a glass” I remember it being when I have drank it elsewhere haha

      Comment by casaboy69 | March 29, 2009 | Reply

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