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So today was a good and bad day.

It was a good day because its the day before I go on holiday to Ireland(from my holiday which is a nice 3 degrees of separation thing as Steve pointed out haha). It was bad because I spent my day doing a boring assignment for Comparative European Legal Systems.  It was good that I finished though 😛

It was a good day because it was the first day of the football season – FOOTY IS BACK!  It was bad because Richmond, who I have a developed a soft spot for over the past few years, got killed.  It was even worse that Carlton won and I HATE Carlton!  I am unsure whether the Ben Cousins’ hamstring was good or bad though because although it proved Brisbane partially right for not selecting him due age/hamstring issues, it was bad for Richmond :/

It was a good day because a new episode of South Park came out (Margaritaville) which was brilliant and quite poignant about the global financial crisis.  It was bad because I was watching South Park while doing a load of clothes washing and you know how much I hate washing!!!

As I said…it was a good and bad day.  However, I know one thing for certain.  Tomorrow is going to be a brilliant day *too be sure too be sure* 😀


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  1. indeed simey a sad day…… not a great start to the season! grrr. have fun in Ireland!! so massively jealous. love and BIG kisses!

    Comment by ella | March 27, 2009 | Reply

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