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Hey, get your car washed today, Fill up and you don’t have to pay..

I wonder what the proper etiquette is for communal laundries.  Generally everybody’s first thought is to attempt to not acknowledge anybody’s existance.  You look anywhere they aren’t and you try to get in and out as fast as possible.   Most likely this is because they, like you, are wearing you last shred of clean clothes (which makes all the wrong fashion statements), feels awkward having their underwear and the like in clear sight and generally it is a task they enjoy as much as you do.  Now that makes sense.

But what happens in the bizarre circumstances that force human interaction in this unlikely place.  The first common occurance is the “Every machine is full scenario”.  Now if all machines are running and they are full, it is simple you either wait (rookie mistake) or just come back later.  The issue arises when some, if not all, of the full machines have finished their cycle. What do you do?  Do you take them out and put them on top of the machines?  Do you take them out and put them in a dryer?  Do you wait around in the hope they will be back soon? Do you ask the people around if they know the people who own the washing? or if you are me, do you bail and come back later when a spot has opened up?  Either way you try to avoid any situation that might cause a conversation or worse…touching someone else’s jocks 😛

Now the other kind of scenario is that most interesting to me, because human interaction isn’t forced, but it is desired.  This is when you go to do your washing (or just place clean clothes in the dryer) and there is a “someone” there.  You probably don’t know them, but they are cute enough for you to want to say hi.  But how do you say hi in such an awkward place?  It is especially awkward as the risks of making an ass of yourself are tripled as you live in the same building as them 😉 9 times out of 10 I will go with the “no eye contact and bail” approach…but there is one scenario that I will take up.  If help is required then that is a great opportunity for a ‘hi’ without making a true ass of oneself.  For example, do they not know how to work the machine?  Is their washing basket too heavy for them to carry?  All good opportunities…but just be careful not to end up grab some item of clothing that will embarrass you and them 😉
Anyhow…Belfast awaits!


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