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Today was/has been a quite productive day.  I got up as early as I could (at 8:30am) and was out of the house by 9:30.  I had a few errands that needed to be run.  Firstly I headed off to the Brotherton Library at uni to get the Comparative European Legal Systems text.  I borrowed it for tomorrow as it basically outlines in 10 pages what I need to say in my essay I am writing tomorrow.  I am reading those pages and writing my plan in a few minutes time with tomorrow, my last day in Leeds for a while, dedicated to writing that essay (which will have my assignments 2/3rds finished :D).

I then headed to ‘Poundstretcher’ which is different from ‘Poundland’ in that all the items are still cheap, but unfortunately it is not a case of “everything costs a pound” haha.  I needed to go there because I was purchasing a cheap suitcase (it cost me 15 quid in the end). Now of course I have a suitcase here as I needed one to get here, but it is rather large so for two month of travel I got one that is about half the size as in the end al it needs to fit is my clothes.  I would’ve contemplated a backpack but my back issues meant that would’ve been a dumb idea.
My last errand was to buy a printer which I again did successfully.  I even managed to find a cheap one that was missing a box so I got 10 pounds off.  It works a treat and I have now managed to print off my raft of documents I need for my travels from the comfort of my own room.  I have also managed to largely pack my suitcase but I will need to do a small load of washing tonight to make sure I have 2 weeks worth of clothes!

I’ll end today with a little anecdote.  Now I mentioned that Juz and I went to the York Castle Museum and in short it was a little bizarre…good but bizarre.  Well guess what?  When I was listening to today’s Hamish and Andy podcast the topic was weird museum pieces and someone rang up about the York Museum.  It is always good to know some people share your opinion 😉


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