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So I’ve had a busy 24 hours but, as predicted, no work was completed.  I set off to Scarborough last night at 6:12.  When I arrived an hour or so later it turns out that we were right and it was a ‘coastal town’.  The first sign I saw when exiting the station directing my to “the seaside” confirmed it!  I waited a minute or two before Ben and his twin brother Gary picked me up and we went back to their holiday home.  I got to see a little bit of the town, but as it was dark by then it took until this morning for me to confirm that yes it is a charming kind of town.
However that wasn’t really the point.  If Scarborough the town had been the reason for my travel the cyclonic winds and rain that battered us most of the night would’ve worried me.  However, Narnia was the aim and thus after we ate some pasta we proceeded to watch the first 1/2 of the Narnia BBC miniseries from the late 80s. It was an awesome experience to relive your childhood.  You discover things that you never noticed like the fact the mythical creatures are pretty crappy 2d animation over the live action backdrop.  You notice that Lucy is quite a weird looking child, the Aslan puppet thing is actually brilliant and the acting of some of the kids is good while others are atrocious.  It also has quite a few jokes that go over your head as a child.  It was great fun.

Anyway at about 2am, after most of Narnia and a few beers we went off to bed.  The rest could wait until another day.  When we woke up though, before I headed back to catch my train back to Leeds, there was a really funny show on TV.  The title itself got us, especially as it was 10am on a Tuesday on Channel 4 – KNTV Sex.  Pure interest lead us to watch it and what it turned out to be was the weirdest kids sex education show you would ever see.  Its message was clear, and repeated every 15 seconds.  Condoms good, STIs bad.  However, it also had a ex-soviet union theme that was random.  Random use of  “Funniest home videos” type clips and even more random segues in to statements that you should always use a condom.  I swear any normal school kid watching this ‘educational’ show may have ended up covering every inch of their body in prophylactics 24/7….just a weird show!
After I arrived back in Leeds I quickly got a subway (where the ‘artist’ proceeded to ignore all my requests of ‘no corn’ or ‘not toasted’ and ‘just a little bit of sauce’…artist my ass! haha) before meeting up with Joey.  The plan to grab coffee went ahead but we got coffee in Borders.  Why Borders you ask?  Well we were planning our trip to the USA which looks like going ahead.  In the end we have provisionally decided on spending the first two weeks of june (ish) in the USA. Flying from London to Washington DC where we spend about 2 days there. Then we train it up to New York for 6 days.  Train it to Boston for 2 days.  Ride the rails again to Buffalo (to see Niagra falls) for a night and then finish off with 3 nights or so in Toronto before flying back to London.  A quick look at the Internet means that it should only cost about $2500 max for the 2 weeks which is about 500 dollars more than I would spend in 2 weeks in Europe…pretty good deal if you ask me 🙂

This now means that I will probably do Copenhagen and Stockholm before the USA.  Do my 9 days or so in Prague from the 15th of June (ish) and then I will do Vienna, Munich and Berlin before I go to Cardiff for Day 1 of the Ashes.  Fit in Paris of about 4 days before a couple of days in London and Day 1 of the Lords test before I head home to Australia.  A rough plan for a brilliantly hectic two weeks!!


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  1. Hey Simon,

    Enjoy ready your blogs each day. Wish Mallory would do the same but as I speak to her nearly every day there is probably no need. I am writing to let you know a number of things. 1. Sinead and I are going to visit Mallory later in the year. Yeah!!!! 2. Whilst we are there we also plan to see a bit more of the States and hopefully catch up with some of the students we had over the years. Won’t bore you with our itinerary. 3. All the students I’ve spoken to have asked after you and your mum – which was nice – 4. Ryan (remember him – he was one of Tina’s friends at my birthday party with the drinking game)has kindly offered to show us his city and give us a guided tour like no other.5. (And the main reason for this notice). Ryan lives in Washington DC.

    I’m sure Ryan would love to catch up with you too. Would you like me to let him know and get his number for you or maybe you could facebook him. Either Skype or let me know via mum if you like.

    Keep up the great blogs.

    P.S. Would have emailed but don’t know it. Would have sent a message via facebook but they’ve blocked it at work. DAMMM!!!. Could have waited till I got home but would probably have forgotten by then. Gotta strike while the iron is hot….

    Comment by Gracy | March 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. Haha that comment just reads as “100% Gracy” to me for some reason! 😛

    Would be good to catch up with a true american-like person, especially one who will know where to get a good drink ;). If you could let him know and give him my facebook link thingo that would be awesome!

    We will be able to compare American stories then sometime as well haha

    Comment by casaboy69 | March 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. Looks like a really great trip, son – very envious!


    Comment by Niranjan | March 25, 2009 | Reply

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