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I’ve just had the craziest week, Like a party bag of lies, booze and then deceit. And I don’t know why I want to voice this out loud, It’s theraputic somehow.

So now that Justin had departed back to Prague, I can get started in to finishing the work I need to finish before I head off to Ireland.  Today I have done most of my presentation for Comparative European Legal Systems.  I have finished the powerpoint, drafted half of my speech (The half on French law and Corsica I am writing in full to learn as I am confident enough in my knowledge of Australian law and Mabo to speech well on dot points alone).

It is a proud day of academic achievement for me though as although I slept in (as usual 😉 hehe) I resisted the urge to procrastinate when the opportunity arose.  Joey texted me saying he was in Leeds with nothing to do til 1:30 and although I REALLY wanted to go and catch up…I resisted and have now completed what I needed to complete for my studies.  Sure it definitely wasn’t as fun as window shopping with Joey and it will cost me first drink when we do catch up tomorrow…but at least the parentals can be proud 🙂

One thing I didn’t do though was work last night.  I thought I might give it a go as with Justin gone there would be not much to do…but I found something worth doing.  I have a history of taking delayed advice.  Tell me about an awesome band and odds are I will 😉 😉 buy the CD 😉 😉 and leave it on my iPod for 12 months before I actually listen to it.  Lend me a DVD of an awesome movie or TV show and odds are that I will leave it on my shelf for a while before actually watching it (Case and point is the Damages Season 1 DVD Siobhan lent me haha).

Well one show that was recommended to me by BritCuz, AKA Riza, was “The Inbetweeners.”  I think at one stage we were even going to watch it when I was staying at Ham but I never got round to.  Well last night I watched all 6 episodes of season one and loved it.  Its a funny, quite spot on show about “6 formers”  (Read as like year 11/12ers my aussie family and friends) in a british school who aren’t total outcasts or the most popular kids…but they fall somewhere in between.   It probably isn’t ‘parent friendly’ but not many of my favourite shows like South Park, Weeds, Dexter, etc are…but it is great!  The only slightly scary thing is that there are a lot of similarities I can see with my high school year, and I am probably not yet old enough to refer to those years as the distant past :/

Check it out sometime if you get the chance…there is even a new season coming out in a month or so!

Anyway so after making some progress with my studies today, they are back on the backburner.  Tonight I am off to Scarborough…don’t ask me where it is, I don’t know.  I think Justin and I learnt that it is some sort of beach town by one of the exhibits in the York Castle Museum.  The reason I don’t care where it is or what it is, is that I am only going there as a gateway to Narnia :p  I have mentioned it before, but Ben and I have planned a night to watch some, if not all, of the old BBC Narnia series and it just happens to be occurring tonight in Ben’s holiday house in Scarborough.  I head back to Leeds tomorrow at 1pm and then am seeing Joey tomorrow afternoon…  A busy 24 ahead of me, before I once again hit the books hard on Wednesday and Thursday 🙂


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  1. ROFL i’m fairly sure i’ve watched this show somewhere before (i think it was my irish friend that had it or something) anyway that bloke at the bar could so pass for a youthful Phil Andrews!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Christ | March 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. yeah … well … i have borrowed stuff off u so ur paying me back … hehe and damages you do need to be awake for!!!!!

    Comment by Siobhan | March 24, 2009 | Reply

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