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These are crazy days but they make me shine, Time keeps rolling by …

It is crazy how easy one can turn in to two or three or more.  Unfortunately this may not apply to Cricket, but it applies to a lot of other things.  Candy (or sweets as I keep getting told I SHOULD call them 😛 haha) is a great example.  Try and eat just one Maoam Stripe and I end up eating the whole packet…maybe even going across the street to buy some more haha.  Last night my “catch up for one drink with Ben” ended up being a few drinks and a night out. I don’t even remember making that decision I just remember walking home after 1am wondering how 😛 lol

Today has been a day full of university.  I woke up and headed off to Cybercrime. It was our last class and he even managed to wrap it up half an hour early 🙂  We took advantage of this time to have a chat with “DS” (our Jeremy Clarkson-like lecturer) and even getting him to sign our copies of his book.  Couldn’t get any geekier than that but he got the joke and its one of those things that was just worth doing!

I then went to my Crime Prevention and Community Safety seminar.  It was a little weird though as our class of 15 became a class of 3 as no one rocked up.  Our class further diminished as one of the 3 was a girl who was REALLY sick and couldn’t talk (ignoring the fact I spent a lot of my time texting friends which probably diminished the seminar to an even further  farcical level).  I did manage to get my academic win for the week though – managing to completely beat the other girl in a discussion on Zero Tolerance Policing…so much so that she even changed her opinion to being against it.  It is always good to get these little wins 😀
Anyway, so I sit here waiting.  I was thinking of going to buy my printer….but I couldn’t be bothered.  I was thinking of doing some work…but I couldn’t be bothered.  Instead I will muck around for a couple of hours to fill in the time until I catch the bus to meet Justin at the airport.  It should be a good weekend ahead (and I wonder if I can get him to pay for dinner 😉 haha)


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