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And it’s happened once again, I’ll turn to a friend, Someone that understands, Sees through the master plan…

Something I am going to have to get used to is having day’s like today.  With my University schedule like it currently is, ie Most classes have finished, I can forecast myself having a lot of days where I don’t properly get up, out and about until late afternoon. It is 4pm and I am yet to leave the house, beside a short little trip to the Nisa Convenience for some lunch. Another factor may have been that the ‘spring weather’ that was so lovely yesterday has seemed to stay in the past.  Hopefully it ‘brightens’ up a bit so Justin doesn’t get too bad of an image of gloomy ol’ Leeds 😛

I spent a few hours today organising my presentation I need to do for my Comparative European Legal Systems course (Boring topic of a comparison of the judicial process with respect to minority issues in France with the two case studies being Mabo and Corsica) I organised my Mabo slides as I already had a history of that case, as 1) I am an Australian law student and 2) I have seen The Castle haha, and did background reading on the Corsica issue.

Of more interesting reading are what I did late last night or what I will do this afternoon…where do I start? 😛  Well being a chronologically minded person I will start with last night.  As I have mentioned before I am going for two weeks in Northern Ireland and Ireland over Easter break.  In fact I leave on March 27 – just over a week away.  I have been planning it little by little and last night I did the last of my bookings. I have booked all the flights I need.  I have booked all the trains I need (except the one from Belfast to Dublin as the Northern Ireland train service website is balls!).  I have planned major things I would like to do in each city as well as booking in 2 tours of things I want to do -Wicklow and Gandalough from Dublin and Cliffs of Moher/Limmerick from Cork.  I would also want to see Blarney Castle, Newgrange and/or Ring of Kerry but they can be organised while I am there.

It is interesting as the more I plan my Easter trip, take weekend trips from Leeds and think about my Summer trip, the more I start to understand HOW I like to travel.  It really is something you don’t know until the time comes that you are actually do it.  Firstly, I am pretty confident/easy travelling by myself.  In no means does that mean I am a loner and group travel does appeal to me (I am looking in to a few options for possible travel buddies over the summer) but I like the freedom to see and do what I want to do. From discussions with other people about their Easter trips, a lot of people are restricted by doing what the other person wants to do.  That isn’t something I would want to do.  I think if you are travelling with someone else there must be consideration for each other’s wishes, so everyone gets the best out of it, but there is a benefit to having no need to be considerate 😛 haha

Also, as you can see I am to some extent a planner.  I plan most days even when I am home, but there is a freedom always built in to my plan.  Take Dublin for example.  I am in Dublin for 6 nights.  At the moment I know when I arrive, when/how I leave, where I am staying and what I a doing on day 4 of my time there.  The rest of it, for all intents and purposes is up in the air.  I have a list of things I want to do from the research I have done that I will take with me (or actually I have just lumped it all in my Google Calender which I am finding very useful), but what I do on each day will be more up to me and my whims.

I also made the decision to go and buy a printer yesterday.  I have about 40 pages of flight, train and hostel confirmations to print for this trip alone…let alone the pages and pages of assignments I will need to print or the even more pages I will need to print for my 7 weeks of travel come the summer.  My plan is to buy the cheapest printer I can find – which looks to be about 60 bucks (plus cartridge and paper) and then when I leave I should be able to take it to a couple of the pawn shops I have seen around to maybe get half of that back.  Even if I can’t onsell it, the cost of printing at university, etc and the ease of printing at home is well worth it I think!
So now on to my plan for tonight…well actually we have another occurrence of my ‘partial-planning’ here.  I know I am catching up with a friend Ben for a pint at 6pm. I also spoke to Johnno and Brent about doing dinner or a comedy show or something tonight.  Just something to get me out of the house.  On that, I should probably text someone about that haha.

Anyway, I am off…especially as my day of bumming around my room has meant I still need to shower and shave before heading out.


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