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It’s all right, it’s all right, all right, She moves in mysterious ways…

To be sure, to be sure it is a wonderful day.

Is it because I am sitting here sucking on a guitar shaped lollypop wondering if Hannah Montana actually plays the guitar and shouldn’t this really be a microphone?  Maybe. Actually I should probably stop eating so much sugar as my ‘care package’ will be gone in a matter of days haha

Is it because I finished my second essay (the 3000 word one for cybercrime)? Well even more maybe. Again the essay hasn’t been proof read or the references finalised but all that can be done relatively easily closer to the submission date (which is over a month away!  When I think of it, this may be the earliest in my life I have finished any assignments).  Now all I have to do is actualy decide which essays to do next…the ones that are due earliest or the ones due later on that I want to do more as they have greater interest for me.

Is it because it is St Patrick’s day?  Most likely 😛 Although I think the thrill of St Patrick’s day is always lost a little when it falls on a night that you usually go out anyway (eg for us in Leeds, a Tuesday).  It is also interesting that St Patrick’s day, although obviously massive in Ireland where quite a few of my fellow internationals have gone to, is probably bigger in Melbourne than in Leeds.  Most people ‘generally’ don’t celebrate it.  I wonder what that says about the effect of geographical distance, the british culture or more shockingly Australian culture?
Anyway I am off to dinner…


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  1. that we like any really good excuse to drink (something i learned on my midnight tram ride home.. place reeked of alcohol and unflatteringly dressed ‘women of a less than classy nature’ strewn about the place!)? we’re renowned for being the biggest drinking mob outside of the UK right? lol

    Comment by elladanes | March 18, 2009 | Reply

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