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Monday – don’t want to get out of bed, Tuesday – I’m walking with the dead, Wednesday – never felt so wrong,Thursday – takes twice as long, but Friday, i know where I’m gonna be!

So today started like most days I have both here and in the UK…I hit the snooze button about 10 times on my alarm until I ended up having to rush out of the house, just remembering to put pants on, with no time to eat breakfast.  Actually it is probably a good thing I had no time to eat breakfast, as I have no food in my house besides a tube or two of vegemite.  I am going shopping soon I promise (although yesterday’s trek to go shopping for food ended at the Pizza shop up the road ;)).
Today I had a couple of hours of class… well 1 hour of Community Safety, a 4 hour break and then 2 hours Gender and the Law Seminar and its currently at the end of that 4 hour break.  I did however make serious ground work on completing my cybercrime essay (just 900 words to go now :D) as my coffee buddies were unavailable to help me procrastinate during said break.

I did however have a slightly uncomfortable experience though.  I am using child pornography as one of my examples in my cybercrime essay, but today as I needed to discuss it I realised I needed to get articles about child pornography.  This stumped me a little as the thought of just ‘googling’ child pornography gave me fears of coming across something a) I didn’t want to particularly see and b) would end up with me on some ‘watchlist’. I ended up carefully using the legal databases I have access to as well as searching ‘Google Scholar’…making sure to read the description before randomly clicking 😉

It does remind me of a few of the random things I have done in the name of ‘academic pursuits’.

There are the many dubious chemistry things I have done in labs risking my safety and those around me – ranging from sniffing concentrated ammonia through to my refusal to clean glassware to Ni, Laura and I adopting the tactic of anything that ‘went wrong’ just being put in the back of the fume cupboard and hoping it wouldn’t kill Bruce.  I also have no idea how I ended up making a green compound last year when everybody else’s was purple.

You can even go back to year 10 work experience at the Coroner’s Court where not only did I spent a lot of time typing up case reports on suicides (probably not the healthiest thing to do for my young mental state) but also experiencing first hand the what a dead body looks like. :O  Another part of that stint of work experience was as it ended with their Christmas party, it ended with me having a beer or two in the actual courtroom at the age of 16 or so. (The Assistant Coroner actually offered them to me so I can’t have been breaking the law…although I am unsure if I have confessed this occurrence to my parentals before :/)

There were also the many times I did English essays in years 7 through 11 where I never actually bothered to finish or even start reading the book.  This could possibly explain my poor results in some of those years 😛

Finally we have probably most well known trait to do with my study, my ability to sleep in class and still listen.  People are amazed that 90% of the time my head is resting on my hands in class, seemingly asleep, that I can still pay attention.  This is because I have managed to expertly turn off all senses besides my hearing 😛  It also leads to me being able to help my study colleagues as they know when I ‘wake up’ and write something down.  IT MUST BE IMPORTANT lol


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  1. lol i put my head on my hands and close my eyes during classes and meetings, i find it helps me concentrate more! people think i’m sleeping or ill hahahi just tell them i’m ramping up my hearing abilities lol 🙂 and loving the title of this post! seeing the living end 15th of may OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by elladanes | March 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. Ok ok ok… all fairness… NI is the one who put that at the back of the fume cupboard…WE just didn’t move it once we found out she’d just left it there..possibly because we were doubled up with laughter at the time? :p Besides nothing can kill Bruce, he’s a superhero!

    ….I don’t want to make, another mistake like YOU 😀

    Comment by Laura | March 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. Ni may have done it with the ‘yellow’ stuff, but I also did it quite a few more times. Probably just more sly-ly 😛 Hhaha

    Comment by casaboy69 | March 20, 2009 | Reply

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