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I know I don’t know you, But I want you so bad, Everyone has a secret, But can they keep it, Oh no they can’t.

Secrets are interesting creatures.  They take many different forms.  They exist for more reasons than you can list – or should try to.  They have different meanings to different people and are generally behind a lot of life’s drama.

They start with the minor secrets. The kind of secrets that embarrass you that you don’t generally tell people, but if people find out you generally laugh instead of cry.  In this category we will put the examples of the fact that I saw Marley and Me with ‘the guys’ tonight and I may have shed a tear or two as well as the fact that I have made plans for a night to eat candy and watch all of the old BBC Narnia miniseries sometime while I am Leeds.  They are secrets, but they can’t be that major if I just told you 😉

A level above the minor secrets we have the major secrets.  Well maybe I have skipped a few levels in one Russell Robertson-like jump, but forgive me I am going somewhere with this (I think :S hehe).  Now these secrets are distinguished by the fact that when either you tell them or they get discovered…odds are at least someone is crying.  Generally we will call the major secrets ‘bad news’ secrets, but that’s not always the case.  Sometimes though the major secrets can be ‘good news’ but it just takes a little more courage than normally available to reveal them to people. Even people closest to you. How do we tell these ‘good news secrets’ from the ‘bad ones’?  Well in my experience, even though ‘good news secrets’ although accompanied by the obligatory tears they are also accompanied by relief, kindness and a hug.  The ‘bad news secrets’ are the type that evoke anger. Although maybe the two categories aren’t as mutually exclusive as I have made them appear.

Now we get to the genesis for this post.  Sitting on top of our pile of secrets we have the ‘super-uber-mindfuck-secrets.’  Its the academic term for them I am sure 😛 These are the kind of secrets that are SO secret that you even don’t discuss them with the people closest to you or even with the people who share this secret. If it was an event, it is treated as if it never happened. Maybe if you treat it as such it can someone become true…  If it is a fact, it will get to the point that no one can remember if it actually is true or not. They are the most interesting of all if you ask me and the ones I have least answers about.

Two important things should be said on my discussion of secrets though.  The categories are to some extent quite artificial and dynamic.  It might even be the case that secrets fit in to different categories depending on your surroundings. It may be that through just time moving forward the secrets change categories up or down.

No matter what kind of  secrets they are though, there is definitely some great benefits in being able to share them with a close circle of friends.  You never know…they might slowly downgrade, as a result, to ‘minor secrets’ or stop being secrets at all after a period of time.  Actually when I think about, logically there is probably little gained and a lot lost by secrets…but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I will ever have the courage to abandon them completely 😛

Okay…back to the books (I have ‘finished’ one essay though :D)


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  1. life is dramatic when you share secrets…… this open book knows that. you’ve got me wondering how many secrets i actually have.. i have spent this year trying to keep more secrets to no avail. i can tell my closest circle anything.. you’ve no idea how refreshing that is…

    Comment by elladanes | March 16, 2009 | Reply

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