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Classmates please drop all your pens, don’t write a word cause I won’t reply and im not bitter, no its just i’ve passed that point in my life…

Okay, so I suppose that another day of Simon sitting at his computer banging out more words until he gets something that resembles an esay isn’t that interesting.  1200 words written today though. WOO haha However, I do have something interesting to say.  My summer, in the last few days, has become a little clearer.

Up until a week or two ago I had made a rough plan to visit Prague, Krakow, Vienna, Munish, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm from June 5th (the last possible day my exam could be scheduled for). Yet some information has come to light. Firstly,  I now know the date of my exam, at least provisionally – May 22nd.  This means I have now got an extra two weeks of travel 😀 Great news, but something that is a little daunting.  What would I do for those two weeks? :S

I have also found out that somewhat of a childhood dream will be realised.  Due to my brother’s somewhat addictive personality he has ended up with a lot of tickets to the up coming Ashes series.  Now my first two preferences would be to see Day 1 of the first test or Day 1 of lords, especially as I fly our on Day of the Lords test.  So guess what?  That brilliant accountant has managed to score me a ticket to both of those days!  It will be expensive especially as I will be flying/training in and out of the UK to get to these days, but it will be definitely worth it.  THANKS AGAIN JUZ!!

So this means three things…my end of semester trip just got A LOT better and also it just got A LOT more expensive.  (The ‘possibility’ of borrowing money from the family appears to have become a little bit more like a certainty. Prepare for that one time I skype you instead of the other way around.  It is coming hehe) Also, I now have a lot of question marks dotted all over my travel plans. I am thinking at the moment that I will probably shoot over and fit in Paris between the two days of cricket.  Easiest/cheapest to not go far from the UK me thinks.  However, do I want to go to Spain? Portugal? Amsterdam? Finland?  Russia?  Do a Top Deck Tour?  or even take advantage of the Global Financial Crisis and the 6 hour, instead of 13 hour, fight and do parts of America like New York, Washington, etc  – Joey gave me that last idea 😛

So right now I have no idea where I will be and what I will be doing.  However, I can tell you that I will be now definitely arriving back in Melbourne just after 7pm on the 18th of July – the ONLY flight that allows me to do Lords and make it to university on the Monday.  I will also most likely be leaving Leeds on the 25th of May after a big, celebratory goodbye weekend.  What I do for those 7 weeks in between?  Who knows!


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  1. Pretty exciting stuff! I would say that you should fulfil the political animal in you and go to New York/Washington and Russia : they say that there is a great train trip from Finland to St Petersburg. Still aiming to get there myself ( hoping somewhere in US – or Russia for that matter- will host IC at some stage!), but take the chance – much cheaper from UK, GFC or not.

    I’ll wait for that Skype call!

    Love Dad

    Comment by Niranjan | March 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hey Simon,
    If you’re seriously thinking east coast USA. I currently have contacts in Disneyworld….hahaha

    Comment by Gracy | March 15, 2009 | Reply

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