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Crashing into walls, Banging on your door, So why’d you let me in? Falling through the floor, Diving in too deep, Underneath your skin.

Okay so in celebration of my good day of work, we went out.  It started out nice enough.  We had an awesome dinner.  It was a middle eastern cafe/restaurant place near Josh.  We had consumed a few pre-drinks at Josh’s first.  It was amazing food.  I had these meat skewer things and as I am always struggling to make a decision I got the mixed plate.  The meat was so well seasoned and tender, the salad and chips were great and it only cost me 8 quid.  I have come to a conclusion that Simon and Middle Eastern/Muslim food go well together.  Still two of my favourite meals I have ever eaten were at Muslim restaurants in China with school.  They just do spice well.

From there we headed to the Library.  Once again the Library as in the pub and not the book-y place.  You think I would go to a proper library on a Thursday night? 😛  We played some pool, had a beer and Johnno arrived with his scottish mate Orr.  Orr, although not having a proper name, seemed cool enough and as the night progressed my hypothesis would prove correct.  Now to avoid being too detailed, all I will say is that the rest of the night was crazy.  SERIOUSLY one of the most crazy nights I have ever had. Just a few of the things that happened were that Johnno lost his keys, I saw a scotsman stand in the middle of 8 different cabs demanding said keys, Brent helped a man who fell over and smashed his head – blood everywhere and hysterical girlfriend so the story goes, I slept most of the night with my somehow paint covered jumper as a pillow outside Johnno’s room door (we got let in but of course his room was also locked), etc, etc.   If you want to know the full story – just ask and odds are I won’t tell you haha.  For anyone who is worried though, after all this I survived in one piece, made it to university this morning and hopefully will be able to do SOME of one of my essays tonight.

It was a nuts night though…one worthy of being re-told by Allie in HAL 😛


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  1. expect no less 😉

    Comment by elladanes | March 16, 2009 | Reply

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