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Today is another ground-breaking day for me in the UK.  The most words I have written today won’t be this blog post….far from it actually!  After going to the Old Bar last night two prove once and for all that men can multitask (we were watch Arsenal v Roma and Manchester United v Inter Milan at the same time as well as eating pizza!  Even the best women would struggle with 4 tasks at once ;)), today I spent my day working on my first cybercrime assignment.

I decided it would be best to start my day early, I could get a lot of my work done before I had options to distract me. I woke up at 8:00am….then 8:09am…then 8:18am…then 8:27am before I eventually stopped snoozing…and turned off the alarm haha.  I eventually was awoken at 11:10 am when some maintenance dude knocked loudly to replace my shower head. Okay so my early morning start had become a midday start :/

After my daily perusal of the internet (which last about 45 minutes) I hit the books at midday.  My topic for this first assignment is:

Is cybercrime simply another term for computer-related crime or are there distinctive forms of online victimisation that we can now call cybercrime which challenge the justice system and require new law or regulation? Discuss using appropriate examples”

My contention are that there are both computer-related cirmes and cybercrimes and cybercrimes, although partially covered by the existing law, require some new law/regulation. I had the basic plan I had written the night before which was that I would spent 1000 words on ‘what is a cybercrime’ – broken up in to the 3 main aspects (Networked, Global and Informational) each of them supported by smallish examples, then 400 words on a computer-related crime (where the computer is incidental), 600 words on a hybrid cyber/computer related cybercrime (Child Pornography being my example here and then 1000 words on true cybercrimes such as phishing, botnets and blended threats.  All the way through I will be discussing how the current law is applicable/not appropriate.  A good plan I thought and after 1030 words written today using a total of 30 footnotes so far and being just about to start the ‘computer related crime’ section, I still think it was a good plan!

So that was my day!  Now I am going to go and get ready and have a good night out 😀


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  1. Just proof read your assignments a little more carefully than you do your posts!! Just “to prove” that Simon can’t multitask ie think and write at the same time!!

    luv you mum

    Comment by Christine | March 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. hahah i love your mum! lol and i bet i can do over 4 things at once hehe i have seen enough supporting evidence to prove simey that you are no ordinary man, that you must in fact be part woman as you have been known to multitask with the best of them, hence your highly functional nature!! however i count watching sport in this case as = to one woman having 2 conversations at the same time, which is still impressive.

    loving your assignment approach, maybe i’d be more inclined to complete my degree if i had those kind of well put together planning abilities!! essays are not my strength, streams of consciousness and opinions pieces are fine! give me a paintbrush!

    (p.s. your blogging of uni screams ‘look how awesome i am, bow down and learn from my talents!’ lol)

    Comment by elladanes | March 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hey, you never mentioned this in the blog ( I think), but what happened to your commitment to eat haggis in Scotland?!;)


    Comment by Niranjan | March 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. My commitment to haggis failed…never got round to it. Did drink some nice scotch though!

    Comment by casaboy69 | March 14, 2009 | Reply

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