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And so I gave myself to God, There was a pregnant pause before he said ok…

Sunday was a much more relaxed day as we had packed so much into our Friday night and full Saturday in Edinburgh.  We woke up rather late and made the most of our free breakfast of cornflakes and toast.  There was also good news as Kurt told us that he had arranged with the cleaning lady to get our “nice hotel room” cleaned without his boss knowing.  Of course as the room had been over booked Josh and I had to sleep somewhere, but seeing as our buddy Kurt put us in one of the best rooms…we didn’t want the fella getting in to trouble.


The plan for Sunday morning had always been to climb up Arthur’s Seat, a nearby mountain that gives panoramic views of the city.  However, with the torrential rain the night before that plan had been somewhat shelved.  When we took two steps outside of our hostel and the heavens opened into a HEAVY snowstorm, that plan was put on indefinite hiatus.  The snow/wind was crazy and we tried to walk to the Royal Mile to catch up with our fellow travellers.  Eventually Josh and I hailed a cab, but almost as a switch was flicked as soon as we got out of the cab not only did the snow stop but there was blue skies all around.  You could see how it could change so quickly as you tracked the clouds flying like F1 cars across the sky.

After warming up with the rest of the guys in a Starbucks we once again went our separate ways.  I went to explore a bit and after walking around a bit, buying some AWESOME fudge and biting in to my lip (ouch! :() I caught up with Josh and Brent for lunch who were halfway through their raiding of the stores of Edinburgh.  I had a nice Ceasar Salad and then spent the rest of the time resisting the urge to go shopping and buy some of the awesome clothes (That will have to wait until I am back….and have some money).

The rest of our time in Edinburgh was spent in a variety of pubs discussing all the assignments we need to complete over the next few weeks, how great Edinburgh is as a city, how SHIT the weather is in Scotland and how bad it is to have wet/cold feet all day.  It really is a fun place, but I would love to move it closer to the equator so you could really enjoy it.

It was then a few hours on a train, a lot of pages of DS Wall’s Cybercrime book and plenty of iPod…and we were back in Leeds.  Ready for the week of study/assignment writing ahead!


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  1. Now, you do realise that you missed out on two of the other ‘sights’ of Edinburgh, one of which would mean nothing to anyone else but our family. You know that Edinburgh is at one end of Loch Ness ( didn’t go monster hunting??:) ), but if you go to the other end of the loch, there is a small town called Fort Augustus, where we lived when your aunt was born- I actually think that she was born in Edinburgh – but, wait for it, close to the Monar Arch dam, your grandfather’s first pride and joy! 😀

    Liked Edinburgh too – but you’re right: it’s bloody cold!


    Comment by Niranjan | March 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. clothes??? did you say clothes??? WAIT FOR ME WAIT FOR ME!! hehehehe

    btw, been on a bender for buying new stuff myself as nothing fits anymore, yes it was just TERRIBLE having to shop 😉

    Comment by elladanes | March 13, 2009 | Reply

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