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There’s a fire in the priory, And it’s ruining this cocktail party, Yesterday I heard they cloned a baby, Now can I finally sleep with me?

So yesterday was going to be a quiet day.  I got up late (but not in the afternoon ;)) and did my fortnightly shop.  I got probably more food than just a fortnights worth though!  I bought about 25 packets of these microwave rice dishes I have been loving.  Loving because they taste good, the rice doesn’t get hard and crunchy, they are cheap and also they mean I don’t need to cook.  After my food run I walked past a sign that said there was a chinese buffet upstairs next to the cinema. I have been to the movies plenty of times, and walked past this sign even more, and I had never noticed it before.  So quickly I texted off the good news to Josh and we had arranged to have dinner there that night…you have to love a good chinese buffet 😛

I had an hour of university before we had dinner but the wait was worth it.  It was a little pricey, but the food was good, the place was clean and friendly  and they had the BEST desserts of all the chinese buffets we have frequented so far.  Coconut agar is becoming an addiction haha.  Josh and I then headed up to the Eldon pub (our usual haunt on a tuesday night…) but we did take a 45 minute detour to watch the first half of Inter Milan vs Manchester United in Bar Risa. Man U dominated and would’ve been very angry not to be infront at half time -C Ron is a freak though, what would you give to have that talent?!

We then eventually made it to the Eldon and saw the usual crowd of people such as Will, Brent, Rob, Caitlyn, etc and as always met some new friends.  I wasn’t really in the mood for a big night out so was planning on heading home at about midnight.  Unfortunately (or should that be fortunately :P) some gentle persuasion from Rob…who called me Un-Australian (an outrageous thing I couldn’t accept from a Brit), lead to me joining the throngs as we walked to Tiger Tiger.  Now regular readers may remember that Tiger Tiger was where I went last tuesday but there was a difference this time.  As we walked in we ran into the girls and they were drenched. We quickly realised downstairs it was a foam party and things got messy (Foam gets EVERYWHERE!).  It was a great night though and the music couldn’t have been better even if they were playing it from my ipod haha. A funny incident was when a guy we have decided to call George begged me to lend him my glasses so that he could “fool” the bouncers into letting him in.  I saw the flaw in his plan and didn’t give them to him…but at least he next tried to get in by reversing his white t-shirt, WHICH WAS IDENTICAL INSIDE AND OUT!


At 3am the club shut down and again I was going to head home (especially as I had made plans to call my grandmother for her birthday at about 9am).  However, once again I followed the crowd…although it was slightly smaller this time with just Rob, Clare, Francois (I think thats how you spell it… he was, and still is, French lol) and myself.  I decided that I would just go with them, stay up chating and have a few more drinks as the odds of my being able to stay up until I needed to call my Grandmother were a lot better than me being able to wake up.  Unfortunately though when I did decide to call her, it wouldn’t work…I don’t know what the problem was but it may have something to do with the reception in Clare’s house.  I will have to call her later tonight…not on her birthday but I am sure the thought still counts.

It was good fun at Clare’s though (even though our “silent party” was definitely not that silent in hindsight – especially with the testimony of her housemates the next day confirming this).  I only got about two hours sleep in the end…on a rather comfortable couch.  But I am still awake as the clock approachs 4:40pm as we were relaxing most of the time.  The amount of time in bed listening to music this morning would’ve put Shan and me in Rye’s laziness to shame!
Anyway….I am not sure if this makes sense. I am quite sleep deprived and am not sure if I will function properly until tomorrow (I did also miss my first seminar/lecture…but I had done all the work for it anyway *Mum, Dad, etc PLEASE IGNORE THIS* :D).  It is interesting though how sometimes the best nights can spring up on you from the shadows when you least suspect it 🙂


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  1. now surely my darling nothing could top the laziness of you and shan in rye.. or you and shan in general as the stories seem to go hahaha

    Comment by bethy | February 26, 2009 | Reply

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