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Friday February 20

Okay, so we are off with my rambling recollections of our trip to Cumbria.  Firstly I think it is important cover who was on the trip.  There were Josh (Fellow Melbourner), Brent (The Queenslander), Johnno (The Melbourner who spent 10 years living in Cumbria and largely playing the role of tour guide/driver), Gerald and myself.
Who is Gerald, you ask?  Well he was our best friend the three days:


It was relatively cheap for us to hire ‘Gezza’, but we went all out and got an extra 12 quid a day ‘unliminted insurance’.  That may or may not come in handy.

So we set off from Leeds just before 3 and started driving up to Cumbria.  The journey itself was pretty easy (just follow the road signs as nobody was pre-occupied with a british accented Sat-Nav) and I got to have my first real look at rural Northern England…after we got out off the ‘rush hour’ of Leeds city traffic.  The countryside was so interesting.  Firstly it was green – an unusual sight in Australia.  Also, all the walls were made of stone.  Very rarely did you see a wooden fence and I would hate to think the amount of man hours that went in to building these vast lengths of wall!


This was taken on the Saturday but you get the idea!

We may our way through the Yorkshire Dales and stopped off for a rest at a town called Kirkby Lonsdale. Now this was a beautiful little town, with windy little streets and obviously a fair bit of money around.  It was well looked after.  Unfortunately due to the time most of the shops were shut, but we still managed to walk around and have our tea/coffee in a quaint little shop.  Tea/Coffee would become a common feature of this trip. Other features would be “The Annual 2009” which was our only CD and thus got played (or over-played) for a large percentage of the time whenever we struggled for radio reception, Johnno’s pea-sized bladder and Josh’s ability to wear his Tom Ford sunglasses at any time of day or night.
We got into our destination for the night (Ambleside) at around 7pm and as such it was pitch black.  We got a good-ish look of the town at night as we drove around the mainly one way streets trying to find our hostel (In the end asking the kind people of Cumbria was our last resort).  In retrospect, Ambleside would be one of my favourite towns we saw in Cumbria (and we saw A LOT).  It wasn’t too big, not too small, situated right on the lake and from what we saw not too touristy or whatever the opposite of touristy is 😛

After we dealt with checking in and a weird ‘phillips head’ shaped door key, we set off to find a place for dinner.  Of course, as today was still Josh’s birthday we found a good place.  Actually we found a place that not only smelt good from outside but was packed…always a good sign.  We waited a few minutes and were soon devouring one of my best meals in ages.  I had a steak and it was cooked to perfect, the meat was quality and I am getting hungry just reminiscing about it now!


After dinner we set off to walk around the town but darkness wasn’t necessarily our friend so we ended up jumping in the car.  We had a few rules about how we were driving though.  We had NO IDEA where we wanted to go, would follow the signs that interested us and just have a little night time adventure. It was a great way to spent a few hours.  We were scared out of our minds by steep hills, roads called ‘the struggle’, the idea of what could be out there in the quiet darkness and also there were many jokes to be had.  The scariest point was probably where were made the most likely safe, but equally likely stupid idea to get out of the car at a rest point and just have a look around.  4 men…all wondering “WHY are we doing this?!”

After heading back into town, we parked the car (a fair bit away from the hostel as limited parking was now full…but Gerald could look after himself) and headed off to bed.  Our room was a 12 seater and although it would fill up, we had a few hours to ourselves where we just chatted and fell asleep.  Before the loud and gassy gorillas (or british men) would invade…even though to their credit they did their best to try not to disturb us.


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