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Sunday February 22 2009

Okay so my blog-a-thon is almost over.  Sunday started a little later than Saturday as our busy weekend was starting to catch up with us.  Johnno was probably the worst of us all, but not because his shoes and belt didn’t match like yesterday morning but as he had not had the best sleep.  But as always coffee and breakfast fixes all.  As our accommodation didn’t include breakfast this morning we raided the local sandwhich shop and Costa.  I embraced my English roots and likelihood for high cholesterol and bought a bacon, sausage and egg “butty”.
We then drove back to Whitehaven and was again shocked with how different a place can look during the day.  Instead of the drunken Chavs, there was peaceful elderly people strolling around, etc.  It really was a different place.  The view of the Irish sea was also quite spectacular as it definitely was not calm. We even spent a little longer than planned exploring the coastline and monument (The ‘Candlestick’) that was dedicated to the many people who had died when Whitehaven was a mining town. It was quite clear though why it seemed a much rougher place at night as there was a significant amount of council housing.  Josh pointing out, correctly, that those views, and life in a coastal town, generally are reserved for those with a little more money behind them.


We then drove back to Keswick to explore it during the day but first off drove down a track so as to see another one of the lakes.  This time it was Bassingthwaite (as in Natalie ;)).  This lake was quite undeveloped and was border on one side by quite a major road but , once again, was beautiful.  Although its secluded nature has obvious been seen as an opportunity for some of the “other minded” people…if few bits of rubbish we discovered are anything to go by 😛


It was then time to find Derwent Water in the day time and initially we were scared it would be an anti-climax.  From the car park there was a lot of development and temporary fencing put up..but luckily most of the area was largely untouched once you made off to explore.  Johnno said this was his favourite lake and you could see why.  The landscape and the colours were truly amazing.  We took our numerous photos and then made our way off in to the mountains that surrounded it.


We took a lunch break first though and it provided a lot of laughter for the group. As Jonathan sat in the drivers seat devouring his pie, sausage roll and dessert (Brent and Josh doing the same in the back) a rather inquisitive Robin Red Breast decided to swoop at him through his open window not once, but twice, causing him to come diving over onto my passenger’s side of the car.  Even after the window was  shut the bird wouldn’t give up…apparently not realising the window had been raised.

As we drove one we came up to a path.  The path looked steep….very STEEP, full of people hiking and reached the top of one of the mountain peaks overlooking Keswick and the Derwent.  Much to Josh’s annoyance we decided to hike up to the top, even though none of us were dressed for hiking (Jonathan and I had particularly slippery shoes).  As the legs burned as we reached the top there was a sense of achievement.  A sense of achievement that quickly gave way to fear as I realised my fear of heights was going to get the better of me.  Every gust of wind gave me fears that I will be blown off and plummet to my death.  I braved on but wouldn’t go near the edge…and was rather fearful for others when they did. A quite irrational fear, but a fear I couldn’t master.



Yes, my eyes are shut because I am SCARED hehe

After our cautious descent (which could’ve quickly become ‘sliding’) we decided we had one last lake we needed to visit, before heading back to Leeds – Buttermere.  Now this lake was in a very much farming area of Cumbria and as we walked through the mud and “other” we realised this was probably one of the highlights. There was little waterfalls (or ghylls according to the English), a great drive through the valleys to it and from it and this wonderfully quaint little town (even though I will forever hate it for the ice cream shop being shut and the fact it, like most of the lakes, have outrageously overpriced pay-and-display parking).  You really could imagine yourself living a very relaxed life on the edge of Lake Buttermere.


After a quick refuel and a less quick drive, our tired, yet satisfied, group reached our respective homes in Leeds.  I was utterly exhausted…but it was probably the best thing I’ve done so far since I left Australia!


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  1. That landscape looks amazing!

    Comment by steve | February 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. oh my GOD! i am jealous as HELL! that is so beautiful.. oh i want to cry! right.. now on my overseas trip i have to add basically ALL of the UK. your fault my friend.

    although i have wanted to visit Ireland for many years (heritage oh yeah!) now i have finally found interest in the lot lol

    and can i say i am impressed muchly as a photographer by your excellent landscape captures 🙂

    Comment by bethy | February 26, 2009 | Reply

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