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Okay so I got back from my trip to Cumbria  a few hours ago.  I have relaxed and cooked dinner (twice :@ as I dropped the pasta all over the floor when I was trying to strain it :().  It was a great weekend but before we get there, I have to catch up on the few blog posts that I wanted to, but didn’t have time to do.  I have realised that ‘dot pointing’ things in my phone as a drafted text message is a good way to do this though…especially when I go days without a computer :O

Thursday 19th February

I woke up to my trivia calender quizzing me about Austria (An easy one as I picked it on the 2nd clue!) and then set about doing another load of clothes washing.  I had concluded that as 1) I was out of clean jocks and socks and 2) I was going away from Friday through Sunday, IT NEEDED TO BE DONE.  Once again there was large amount of success (he said proudly 😉 ) Although it takes a few goes in the dryer for most clothes to dry….maybe its the cold?

I then went off to my Comparative European Systems lecture (on court room procedure nonetheless!) before our big night began.  Tonight had been planned for weeks as it was officially Josh’s last day as a 21 year old, as at the stroke of midnight he would turn in to a pumpkin (or a 22 year old….it was a few days ago and I forget which one).  We went around to everyone’s respectively places to drop bags off and started off by having a celebratory beer at Josh’s apartment in JPB, as he has BY FAR the largest room.
We then made the walk down to Ahkmal’s (a curry resteraunt).  Now the reason for us (Brent, Josh and I) heading here were partially as we had seen it and it did look good and also partially because Johnno was eating there with the ‘Leeds Labour Group’ and fresh ideas don’t come cheap!  The food was great though.  I had a lamb biryani and didn’t leave a scrap…even though it was a BIG plate.  It cost 12 quid, but it was worth it.
We then made our way to the library where pool was played and beer was drunk (Carlsberg has become a ‘staple’ beer of choice for me in England by the way!).  We then went down to Oceania (a club 10 mins walk away) but on sight of a line of people that was Northern Rock crisis-esque, we quickly revised our plans and returned to the Library just in time for the Leeds Labour Group, that Johnno had left previously, to also be arriving.  Now I had already chatted to Chris and Rob a few times through Johnno, but the main tid-bit you need to know for the rest of this story to make sense is that Brent/Josh are conservative/right wing in their thinking and obviously myself, and Johnno AND the Leeds Labour Group, aren’t.

So after Andrew arrived and we discovered a screen that would display texts that were sent to a specific number….much fun was have.  All sorts of political, personal, English/Australian, etc jokes were made and I stand by my thinking that it was the GREATEST idea a pub has ever had.  I would hate to know the money that was wasted by us texting our little jokes as Britney and Busted played in the background.  As we went to move on from the Library, again, we noticed a stack of free glowsticks and quickly started to look as rainbows had taken human form.

We ended up going to Mez and entering JUST as the calender turned over (poor Josh spent the dawning of his birthday in line).  Once we had paid our 5 pounds and gotten our first set of drinks that were obscenely cheap we hit the dancefloor.  Quickly I was reminded about my lacking skills on said floor and we all found our groove for the rest of the night (Johnno ensuring to ‘own’ the podium the best he could).

The details of the rest of the night aren’t really important BUT it is good to note that I made it to both my 10am (2 hour lecture) and 12pm (1 hour seminar) classes on friday…although the participation level was slightly less that usual after my only few hours of sleep.

I’ll leave the Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s posts til tomorrow as I AM BUGGERED! (Large hostel rooms, a group of guys mucking around day and night and an incredibly busy 3 days does not leave Simon ‘re-freshed’)


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