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Tell me all that you’ve thrown away, Find out games you don’t wanna play, You are the only one that needs to know…

In the spirit of yesterday’s post, I have an introductory statement for today. “You know you are staying in an accommodation building full of people from asia when the sign up sheets for the building’s cricket and badminton teams are full, yet ‘football’ is empty…” 😛

After I made my post yesterday I headed off to my one hour of class (which went quickly although I was a little confused about what he meant by a “sleeping policeman”, a phrase my lecturer was using often…until he showed us a picture of a ‘speed bump’. Clearly ‘speed bump’ is a more logical description for an academic to use!) , had some dinner and then we hit the town.  For dinner we went to Mahmoods, now to a layman Australian this may not sound familiar…but if you walked past the yellow and red fast food shop which serves quarter pounders with cheese, you could probably quickly pick up on what Mahmoods is trying to be.  Actually, in reality the food was better than most MacDonalds (even if still not ‘good food’) and was about half the price.  A win-win scenario if you ask me.
Our night out started at the Olde Bar, but as there was half the room dedicated to a “Christian Barn Dance” and the other half swamped with people doing a pub quiz, we sat outside.  Yes, you know you’re dealing with freezing cold England quite well when you can drink your cold pint in the even colder ‘great outdoors’.  Being outside did give us a good opportunities to chat to the British smokers, including spreading those rumours that we all have pet Kangaroos, Wallabies and Wombats in Australia to the gullible English.

We were then off to the Eldon, which is the home to the international students night on a tuesday and it was great fun.  Around ever corner you would bump into a fellow foreigner you had met before, or were just meeting for the first time, and were able to have a chat.  We even managed to get “involved” with watching a soccer game that went to penalities between “Poor, small and shit team #1” and “Poor, small and shit team #2”.  I think the white shirts won…and I had chosen to adopt the whiteys as my team for the night.

As the Eldon slowly increased beyond its capacity to comfortably hold the number of people within the walls, we made our way across the road to the Library.  Here we encountered cheap Jagerbombs and a group of people dressed as mimes who would become our pseudo guides for the night. We had made some rather beer induced plans to head to a Karaoke bar at some point but in the end, when the Mimes headed off to their next pub. We were with them…

We were held up for a little bit though first by a car accident (where we helped out a girl who had been hit by a taxi driver…who seemed to do everything in his power to intimdate her, and us, and had to wait around as the ‘witnesses’ as the police eventually turned up). We were further held up by just as we met up with the Mimes outside the University, bladder related issues caused us to run to the Union Building.  However, it is quite easy to catch up with a group of people in Berets and white face paint – we knew we would see them again soon.

And soon enough we did and off into Tiger Tiger we went.  At about 3am I decided I had had my fill and headed off home.  However, my desired sleep was held off by the fact that as soon as I took 3 steps inside the hallway of my building.  THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF AGAIN! This is beyond a joke!  However, at least this I was already dressed for braving the conditions outside.

As a result of my late night, today for me started at midday, after some internet/tv and a quick bite to eat I was off to see a movie with Joey.  Although Mr Joseph got distracted at uni, so when I got to the cinemas in town (about 10mins walk away) I then spent about 15mins waiting and texting back and forth as he apologised furiously (although he did put forward some rather impressively thought out reasons why ‘it was better he was late’ which I enjoyed haha).

We were able to brave the long line (it turns out it is half term for the schools in Leeds ARGHHHH!)  and bought our tickets to see the Pink Panther 2.  I had quite low expectations for this movie, although I hadn’t seen the first one…I hadn’t heard good things.  Yet after chatting  and eating an “apology sundae” graciously bough for me by Joey (A sundae so good I am 99% sure I now have diabetes lol) we were treated to a very FUN film.  Okay the plot was very very predictable…but it was funny!  There were plenty of jokes (including physical comedy), which may not sound surprising in a comedy but laughter seems to be the missing ingredient to most comedies in the 21st century.  All of this we told to the guy with the clipboard who interrogated us after the flick.

And now I am here, at the end…and my rather uneventful day seems to have once again filled up WAY too many words.  So sue me! 😛


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  1. i won’t sue you i’ll just run you over with a car LOL

    Comment by Christ | February 19, 2009 | Reply

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