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I went walking in with my mama one day, when she warn me what people say, live your life until love is found, ’cause love’s gonna get you down…

Today was a funny day. Most day in Leeds I would be lucky to have been out of bed by 1pm. Today, I had done a lot of different things and my day was basically done by 1pm 😛

My day started with catching for Breakfast with Josh (not aussie Josh…a different Josh).  As someone in desperate need of a reason to wake up, and as Josh had been working the night shift and was going home at like 8am, it sounded like a good idea.  Although I must admit my plan to wake up 15mins earlier so I could get ready was thwarted by my laziness and that blasted ‘snooze’ button.  I ended up having to quickly get ready when I got a call from Josh saying that he was downstairs.

After seeing Josh, I then eventually made it to my Cybercrime class (today was about the Computer Misuse Act and Hacking).  Hacking was interesting,  CMA definitely wasn’t and following the cricket (Vics vs NSW and Australia v the Kiwis)/AFL (Essendon vs Doggies) online was by far the most interesting part of the lecture 😀

We then ended up having lunch at the Mine Bar again.  We had attempted to go to a cheap all day breakfast place just next to Halo, but it was inexplicably closed.  However, the extra walking was not wasted as we happened to walk past a group of people not handing our Club Night Cards for once, but handing out free chocolate as a promotion for Accenture coming to the careers thingo next week.  And you know the only thing better than chocolate is FREE chocolate!

And now, with plans to go to Manchester tomorrow and watch the international students soccer game this arvo my day is pretty much complete. However, I have found a few troubling things in the last day or two…I think I am becoming more English.

Firstly there is the fact that I have found “proper”, “well” and “brilliant” being used way too frequently by myself.  Although if I ever say “innit” there is an open licence for people to shoot me!  I even had both Dad (on skype) and a few british people around here saying my accent isn’t as strongly Australian as it was when I arrived.  I plan on watching numerous episodes of Summer Heights High and Home and Away to fix this.  Although I may end up just saying “Puck you sir, you flaming mungrel!” 😛

I have also found myself being less shocked by, and even kind of liking, the use of extreme hair colouring that seems to be more popular over here.  I just think it looks really good on some people….this could be the sign I am having  a stroke though!
However, thankfully for now at least I still call soccer “soccer” (Football is a game perfected by Michael Voss), love vegemite, don’t drink cider and have a slightly ‘off centre’ sense of humour (Us Australians seem to be a little less PC in our humour than the ‘mother country’).


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  1. If they still serve lager and limes in pubs, and you actually drink one, then you have definitely gone to the ‘other side’! 😀


    Although, look who’s talking!

    Comment by Niranjan | February 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. told you mika would make you feel good!


    Comment by Christ | February 14, 2009 | Reply

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