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I have had a kind of bizarre last week with respect to looking back to Oz from many miles aways.  The humour of the heatwave juxtaposed to the snow covered coldest winter in 20 years here has made way for the devastation we see in the bushfires.

Such a shocking event loses a little impact when experienced though newspapers, websites and TV.  Even though it is happening “at home”, for all intents and purposes the experience I have is similar to that of the Gaza conflict or Hurricane Katrina.  I see the pictures, hear the stories and read the numbers on the page but yet I can only wonder what it is like for those who are on its doorstep. How am I supposed to feel when ones viewpoint is obscured by distance?  I’m guessing ‘sad’ is the eventual answer.

I suppose what I end up thinking about is what is ‘actually’ important in life.  I have had a few ups and downs in my life and am probably experiencing a few at the moment due to the fact I am living outside my comfort zone, but how does that compare to the people who have lost everything, lost loved ones or lost there lives? It doesn’t.  I am not going to sit here and bitch about the cold weather, the law readings I have to do, the fact I have to cook for myself, that I have a slight cold or if my hair isn’t at its thickest.  It just wouldn’t feel right to be honest.

I have little right to feel bad so I won’t.  I’ll just have to focus on the 95% of things about my life and current situation that range from positive to brilliant and put aside the 3% neutral and 2% bad.

Oh, and for people caring about my day and not my thinking – I had two hours of uni successfully completed, sat around with some friends and book a day in Manchester for Saturday.  I may also be going out clubbing tonight…but now you see why I had time to think 😉


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  1. At school,we’ve had several staff who had to be evacuated, one ( of the cleaners) who lost house and all, and several families directly affected. One Year 7 boy has lost his aunt/uncle/cousins, and one of my Hums staff’s sister lost her parents-in-law. And it inevitably go on…

    Saturday had eerie recollections of Ash Wed for me … sky was dusty, with a kind of a glow, even at home, but much,much worse in every respect.

    You’re right – puts it all right back in perspective.

    Stay safe,son

    Love Dad

    Comment by Niranjan | February 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Sentimental moment! To read what both of you have written on your blogs makes me feel so proud to be your mother. luv you mum

    Comment by Christine | February 10, 2009 | Reply

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