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You were freezing over hell, You were bringing on the end, you do so well, You can only blame yourself, it’s what I say.

Okay so for the first time I a missing a day.  The reason for that should be obvious and become slightly more common – although I did ‘stuff’ there was not much to report back to the people back home.

So I thought I would dot point the things I have done in the last 2 days:

  • Been scared shitless as and  had an a picture of a BIG, aggressive looking snake on their front page for about a day. (I may be aussie but I HATE snakes and spiders with a passion, but its a rational fear…those bastards could kill me!!!!)
  • Suffered through an hour long class in Comparative European Legal Systems that attempted to re-teach me the basics about Civil Law and Common Law (I think Civil Law had something to do with judges and Common Law was based in codes 😉 hehe)
  • Went shopping and found some bargains such as rice crackers for 82p a packet (these are quickly becoming a staple :)), 15p for 5 dish washing sponges and just 64p for a packet of fried rice that looks like it should make a fine dinner (if it does I will be getting more!)
  • Returned to the restaurant Zizzi, where I went on my first night, and discovered that they apparently can make pasta better then I can.  Maybe if I tried a little harder?
  • I have vacuumed my room for the first time and took a sense of pride in my increasing domestication!
  • Discovered that Red Nose Day here is all about Africa and not SIDS…I may be wrong but that is certainly the impression I am getting from TV ads.
  • Realised that we are going to have to book some weekend trips as Leeds, surprisingly, gets a little quieter on weekends than it is during the week.
  • Have had a mate (Brent) move to a better/newer version of my accommodation across the road which is good (as I have a mate just around the corner) but bad as I know realise there is a better, only slightly more expensive place, I could be staying in.  Hell he has a double bed over there!
  • I’ve felt sorry for the people in Melbourne having the hottest day ever and hope the bushfires stop ASAP.
  • And finally, I have just (as I am typing this) noticed that in about 12 mins time a certain party starts but I will leave my Birthday wishes until her actual B’day (Who cheats and has the party first? 😛 haha)

February 7, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Hey Simon,

    Am reading your blogs with amusement each morning. Have requested Mallory do the same but I’m not sure she will. Anyway, need to know if the pasta you make is like mine or like your mums…..Your answer will decide if I have a plate ready for you when you return. haha

    Comment by Gracy | February 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. To put it simply, my pasta makes mum’s looks like yours! It is probably insulting to call it pasta, but it takes 5 mins to make and thankfully fills me up haha

    Comment by casaboy69 | February 9, 2009 | Reply

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