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Ring ring, Is that you on the phone? You think you’re clever, But you’re never saying nothing at all..

Okay so yesterday was one of those oh so wonderful days when I did nothing.  However, through a sea of television and vegemite sandwhichs (P.S  Mum or Dad, please send more vegemite as I can’t find it in Leeds and I’ve become addicted :/), I ended up wondering about the question that has plagued mankind for the past 123 years (Thanks to wiki for allowing me to figure out the exact amount of years):  What would be my longest telephone call ever?

You see when its cold and icy, its late and I am somewhat comfortable in bed, I have found that these things we call mobiles and the yanks call cell phones can be quite useful.  Last night I ended up hanging up at about 1am (because I REALLY probably needed to sleep haha) bringing to end an almost 3 hour conversation.  Then as I started dozing off in to the land of Z’s I wondered how long would my longest telephone call ever be?

Now to make it clear, I am not counting those times you accidentally call someone or forget to hang up the phone and the best answer I could come up with was 7 hours.  Yep 7 hours from midnight til 7am would be my longest telephone call ever, occuring when I was about 16 and teaching me a valuable lesson that people do need sleep to function the next day (who would’ve thought?!).  I can’t see that record being broken any time soon, especially as my phone calls over here are no longer on a capped plan AND especially because I feel it may be one of those “joys of being a teenager.”

So I ask you, what is your longest telephone conversation ever? And can you beat 7 hours 😛



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  1. email your postal address please so I can spend $3.80 on the vegemite and $20 on the postage!!! luv mum

    Comment by Christine | February 6, 2009 | Reply

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