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After the little bit of snow got me so excited, it DUMPED down and yesterday was a real winter wonderland.  When I woke up I was excited to look out my window and see this:


However, there was a slight downer on my day.  I had somehow managed to stuff my neck while I was asleep.  It was quite painful and gave me that slightly weird look of having a weirdly ‘arranged’ head on my shoulders and walking around as if I had a neck brace on.  Worse of all…I had no “good” painkillers and I had to put up with just taking panadol :/

However, back to the snow.  When I walked to uni it had a few inches of snow on the ground, largely undisturbed as it was so early in the morning and was snowing hard.  It did make me quickly have to learn the skill of “not falling on my arse”, which I am proud to say I expertly mastered and didn’t fall over once.  That is even with the fact that I had millions of “near slips” and whoever decided there should be cobblestones in places where it snows should be shot!

When I arrived at uni, somewhat unsurprisingly (especially as most schools in Yorkshire had been closed), there was hardly any people in my class.  When I compared around the room to the week before I would say the lecture theater was only a 1/3rd full if that.  Obviously the snow had kept some people away but I sat down and listened for the hour.  I think Crime Prevention and Community Safety may quickly become my least favourite subject.  Although, to be fair, that is probably because the others are quite good and NOT because it appears to basically be an arts subject 😛 hehe

After class I had 4 hours to kill until my Seminar for Gender and the Law so along with Andrew from Adelaide I headed off and discovered the library.  It was a cool experience as the library is found to be one of those circular ‘od english’ libraries.  Although I was quite saddened to find neither leather chairs or the same amount of useful books you can find at Monash.  I then (and this may shock you) studied!  I prepared for my two seminars this week and completed most of the required reading (I have to say I was a little proud of myself, even if the only reason I did study was because we had nothing else to do).

In an attempt to fill in some more time, Andrew and I then went to lunch at one of the Union’s many food places. This time it was Mine Bar, which is the only sit down and order restaurant, as neither of us had been there before.  I have to say the food was good.  However, the service was quite poor.  Not only did they only have 2 of their 5 beers of tap available…one of them being Fosters 😦 haha, but they also twice brought out items we didn’t order (a bowl of wedges and a coke), stuffed up my order so instead of a beef burger with avocado, I just got the avocado, etc, etc.  The staff were really nice though (they comp’ed out drinks and the wedges, as they were never ordered didn’t seem to turn up on the bill) and were really apologetic.  I suppose I would’ve been upset if the food had been bad, or I was running late to be somewhere or I wasn’t at the union but as I was and Andrew and myself were just chatting, I didn’t seem to care.

I then went to my Gender and the Law seminar which was easy enough, although it does make you a little sad to be Australian.  Everytime a “relatively recent” form of legislation or court decision is discussed that helps improve the human rights of all people in UK and Wales, I sit back and note that such law is absent in Australia.  Our seminar was mainly on the Gender Recognition Act 2004, of which there is no Australian equivalent, but the discussion extended to include other things lacking in Australia such as Civil Unions and the rights for homosexual couples to adopt.  Maybe Australia is just a little behind and will catch up soon, but it does hurt my pride for my country a little.

With that, a coffee with friends and few snowballs thrown in anger my day was done.  I also discovered that Hamish and Andy had been back on for a while now so have plenty of podcasts to catch up on, which will help connect me to home (You have to love the internet!)


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  1. Hey Simie,

    1. hope you are well
    2. i loved everything in valkyrie except for the american/british/other country other than german accents and my heart was tachycardic the whole way! Properly edited? I didn’t get bored once!
    3. I’m going to cuppa cottage on Thursday (you so miss the pretty cushions!)


    Comment by Christ | February 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. OMG YOU SAID CHRITIE!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

    Say hi to cuppa cottage for me 😉

    Comment by casaboy69 | February 4, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hey Simey!

    I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been really really busy at work. Just letting you know, I’m reading your blog every day, so.. be nice! 🙂


    Comment by Steve | February 4, 2009 | Reply

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