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Okay, I assume that everybody reads my blogs in a Yorkshire accent, because well…I type them reading them with a Yorkshire accent in my head haha.  So before I go on I suggest you change to a Liverpool person’s accent, because well this whole post is about my day in Liverpool!

For the grand total of 14 pounds I had a bought a ticket on the bus for the International Students’ trip to Liverpool we left from the front of the Parkinson Building at Uni at 9:00 with an approximately 2 hour bus ride  ahead of us.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I didn’t know anybody else on my bus (Bus 3 of 5) so I ended up sleeping most of the way there with my ipod in – definitely helping keep me fresh for a full day.  However, when we arrived I was quickly awoken by the cold wind that hit you as soon as you got off the bus.  Now it had been a cold day in Leeds when we woke up but with a strong wind in Liverpool it was officially a level of cold worse than “bloody cold”…so cold that all you can do is swear!

Josh, Brent, Isuru and myself grouped together for the day as we wanted to check out similar things.  First off we were into a cab on our way to Goodison Park (The home of Everton FC and the mighty Timmy Cahill).  Now it may sound strange, but the cab ride was definitely one of the highlights of the day…here we had a ‘proper like’ guy from Liverpool joking around with us, telling us stories and knowing that we could walk from Goodison to Anfield (and thankfully how to get there).  From his jokes about Rafa’s mismanagement of the Liverpool side to pointing out the fact we were driving next to Stevie “About to go to Jail” Gerrard to his stories of spitting on Goodison Park every day after school, it was an interesting experience to chat to a guy from the area.  Definitely worth the 8 pound fare!


When we arrived at Goodison Park there wasn’t much to see, there was a shop, a statue and that was it.  We took our photos out the front and headed over to Anfield.  To get to Anfield we cut across a park and some playing fields (it turns out not all british kids are soccer dynamos as well as the two kids we saw having a kick could’ve probably had a better chance of slotting a goal from 50m out on the boundary line than having a spot kick beat the goalie).  Anfield was a stadium that certainly proved that Liverpool had a lot more money at their disposal, it was a superior ground, had a museum/tour and just was shinier!  However, as it was the day before a game at Anfield we decided against going on a tour as it would’ve been too packed and with only 6 hours in Liverpool we had more we wanted to see.


Another, less eventful cab ride, saw us arrive at Matthew St in the Cavern area.  Now we had the option of going to the ‘Beatles story’ at albert dock  for the steep price of 8 quid, but I thought this was a much better way of getting out Liverpool Beatles Experience.  To see the street where the original cavern club once stood (and has now been rebuilt), the pub where they used to drink and the statues that celebrate the beatles was a better way to experience the Beatles than to go into such an artificial environment as a museum full of re-creations.


After strolling our way through Liverpool, commenting that it really doesn’t appear to have moved away from its industrial roots much and Leeds appears to be much better (in our opinion) we arrived in China town.  It was here that we stuffed our faces with a 6 pound chinese buffet that would keep us fed for most of the day. If you want to know what it was like, imagine the chinese food equivalent of ‘The Works’ at Pizza Hut and you would know what I am talking about (It was complete with little cubes of jelly for dessert, although there was ice cream instead of soft serve).

We then found ourselves at the big church in Liverpool and when I say big it was BIG.  We were awestruck by the size and grandeur of the place, especially as it is not as well known as other more significant churches, but it was great.  It was even designed by the same fellow who designed the iconic red British telephone box.We even paid to do the “tower experience” which involved two lifts and more than a few tight stairs to get up to the top for probably the best view of Liverpool.  We could see all the places we had been/seen and thanks to a question from an eager 4 year old to the guide at the top…we even found out where Fernando Torres lives.


After carefully traversing the tiny stairs/lifts to get down (once again reminding myself of my fear of heights we headed back to Albert Dock where we had begun our journey and spent a bit of time in the TATE Liverpool.  It seems that the top floor (which was the 4th floor, with an exhibition called the 5th floor, even though there was no 3rd floor…are you as confused as I was?) was set out to once again prove that I knew nothing about modern art.  Then the 2nd floor was complete with more abstract art (including a Picasso) and the 1st floor dedicated to the human form.  It was great to see but personally my favourite “piece” was the one on the top floor about ‘the audience’ which was just a group of comfortable leather chairs to sit in 😛

I could probably go on, but I won’t. The rest of the day is a little less exciting – sleepign on the bus home, a few beers and home for some R & R.  I will finish up by saying two things:

1) I am glad I went to Liverpool, but I think the day (or 6 hours to be precise) was enough.  There just wasn’t THAT much to see I don’t think.

2)Everyone be nice to Luke today as although the Australian Open final was a brilliant 5 setter, Federer lost and the Aus Open is gone for another year.  Also, I would like a report on SYTYCD please :P….yes I am using that calender hehe


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  1. You’re seeing places that, despite spending a good chunk of my growing up in the UK, I never got to visit!

    Good stuff, son…


    Comment by Niranjan | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. I would have paid 80 quid for the beatles tour, even if it was just pre-packaged crap. But then again, as you know I’m a beatles psychopath! (see ) Still jealous!

    Comment by Steve | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. Haha I should’ve paid the 8 pounds, taken a shitload of pictures and then charged you 100 pounds for the photos…why aren’t I a smarter business man 😛

    Comment by casaboy69 | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. STYUCD = auditions at the moment so lots of funny people who think there awesome … hehe 😛 …. will keep u posted!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Siobhan | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  5. Haha yay for answering the shout out 😉

    Comment by casaboy69 | February 3, 2009 | Reply

  6. HAHA SIMON! Thanks for the thought. Yeah people were nice to me, thankfully, I was upset 😦 Federerrrr 😦 But hey, Nadal is great too and I wasn’t upset at him for beating Fed! 😀 Glad you’re having a blast mate but cold rock just isn’t the same without you 😛

    Comment by Luke | February 3, 2009 | Reply

  7. Its okay Lukey, cold rock is just 5 months away 😉 haha

    Comment by casaboy69 | February 3, 2009 | Reply

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