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So this post is a pretty quick one…it is also a late one but I till wanted to have a record of it.  Why I want to record a perfectly “normal” day I do not know…i’m weird 😛

My day started with my first Cybercrime class.  Our large Australian contingent sat in the back row and for a 2 hour class, it went quite quickly.  I learnt a few interesting things though – of my 4 classes I have 4 british lecturers!  That’s quite unique for me as in all of my years of university in Australia I have always encountered at least on foreign lecturer a semester, more commonly 2 or 3(Maybe it says something about the British academic system).  I also realised that there are a load of terms about computers and cybercrime that sound funny and I have no idea what they mean.  Hopefully, by the end of semester they are still funny…but I know what they mean!

After class I then met up with Josh at the Olde Bar and we ended up having a few pints as we watched the end of a marathon men’s tennis semi final (Luke you know the one! haha)  I did though make the mistake of sitting with my back to the screen and ended up hurting my neck from cranking it around for so long haha

We then went shopping.  The funny thing is that 1) this was the first all guy lunch/shopping trip I have ever been on and 2) we went shopping primarily to get Johnno a suit and possibly me gloves and  in the end we got neither. However, it was a good afternoon and now i can confidently say I know where I need to go when I need/want new clothes, etc.

To wrap up we saw Valkyrie…now my feelings about Tom Cruise are quite well known (as I can’t help but tell everybody I meet).  I dislike the guy, but love him as an actor as through all my feelings about the guy I can fall in to his movies quite easily.  Valkyrie was good but it had two main flaws. Firstly, it was slowly paced in certain bits and probably should’ve been more tightly edited. More importantly it was one of the most recent Cruise films I saw that I couldn’t fall into and not constantly knew ‘I am watching a film.’  I think the main reason for this was that although being a film about Nazi’s they all had either american/english accents and that just grated me throughout. It even failed my most basic movie test…I looked at my watch about midway.  It was good though, worth the 5 quid, but just disappointing that it wasn’t better.

So that was my day…we all had a relatively early night as the next day – we were off to Liverpool.


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  1. Your title is a line from an Oasis song, isn’t it? Nice post. 🙂

    Comment by Jen | May 8, 2009 | Reply

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