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I’ve got to be quick doing this one as I have an early start at university today…oh btw an early start for me over in Leeds in 10am.  Haha  I will be heading off to my first class in Cybercrime – sounds kinda cool doesn’t it?  Well I’ll tell you how it goes!

Yesterday after getting up late, as is becoming the norm, my first task as I said yesterday was to do my washing, and if I say so myself it was quite successful.  I put the clothes in the machine, paid my 3 pounds, waited 30 minutes while reading my book and then threw ’em in the dryer.  Probably the only mistake I made was that after the drier some things weren’t complete dry…but I left them in front of the heater as I went about the rest of my day.


I also spent that little bit of time I had to wait attempting to get my rubiks cube complete (a goal I was set for my entire time away), and I got the orange side done and was soooo happy.  Until I realised I would have to destroy it to try to get any of the other sides – I think I need a new tactic.


What was the rest of my day?  Well for staters I had to walk to uni in what was the most bitterly cold day I have experienced (I don’t care what the temperature actually was…but that was how it felt).  It is funny though as with how people are suffering in Melbourne as they melt into pools of human goo, I can live with even this bitter cold!

At uni I went to my first (of 5 :P) lectures for Comparative European Legal Systems. It doesn’t seem like the most interesting course (Common Law, Civil Law and all that) but it does seem that the project and essay that we write will have a little bit of allowance for us to take it into a specific area that interests us- that could be good.  Also, it is another class I am in where I am surrounded by Aussies and first years!

After grabbing coffee, we ended up having quite an in-depth political discussion.  Yeah, I know the timing of this surprised me to but with Johnno being more political than anybody I’ve really met before (A smart man too as he is on the “correct” side of politics haha), Josh/Brent being educated conservatives I suspect it may be discussed again.  It was a little funny that we came all this way to end up talking about Australian Politics, the plight of the Liberal Party, all things Costello and the like.

I then ended up helping Johnno as he had agreed to man a clipboard for a mate who is the Leeds University Union’s Community Office, who was taking signatures for a petition to get some street lamps in Hyde Park (which is supposedly the rape captial of Europe…I won’t be going near there at night!).   For my first, and I’m sure not last time on this side of a clipboard it was quite fun; even in the arctic conditions.  I ended up being able to persuade most people I approached to sign (mainly as I approached mainly girls who seemed to be much more in favour of the movement as they are probably those who consider themselves to be most at risk but shhh…I was 8/8 at some stage while the “professional” Jonathan was being shot down haha).

It was quite funny though.  Generally around Monash I ignore anyone with a clipboard or a pamphlet who is preaching something the least bit political, let alone anything about the Union Elections and here I was actively being on the otherside a week into my Leeds experience. I think one of the reasons was that the Union here has ACTUALLY power, they can (and do) get things done and that really gives you a reason to care.  I may only be here for a semester, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Leeds left in a better way than when I found it.

Oh and by the way – I put my aussie flag up!



January 30, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. hey hey, hope your enjoying your time over their, it has to be better than the hot weather we’ve been having.
    You have got a nice little set up going their.
    lol, and it may take you years to finish the rubiks cube. good luck with that.

    Comment by Nicola | January 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. Haha why is that everybody from Melbourne mentions how hot it is there and that it would be better to be in our bitter cold…yet all the Leeds people I meet say the opposite?

    And, trust me…I will find a way to do this rubiks, although ur ‘good luck wishes’ would most certainly help. Thanks!

    Comment by casaboy69 | February 1, 2009 | Reply

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