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So yesterday was both Australia Day and my first day of classes- a busy day in all respects.  However, before I start I have a confession to make.  When I went shopping for food at the top of my list was Orange Juice.  I would need a drink with breakfast I thought. I bought a 3 litre bottle as it was cheap and looked pulp free (I blame Shan for this preference hehe), yet when I took it home and drank it…IT WAS HORRIBLE.  I wrote it off as an experience, I would drink the rest and then buy something else next time.

It was only yesterday morning that I was reading the bottle as I ate my yogurt for brekkie that I realised why it was horrible…it is not Orange Juice but Cordial! It says on the back that you need to dilute it 1 in 4, something I clearly didn’t see and I was drinking it straight.  I COMPLETELY missed this as it looked exactly like Orange Juice, had a lot of words like “natural” on the bottle and well, because I am clearly an idiot!  So it turns out my shopping skills may not be as good as I had thought 😛

I have to say that yesterday I was slightly nervous before my first class.  I didn’t know where any of the lecture theatres were. I didn’t know if I would like my classes, my lectures or if people would like me.  I didn’t know if they would bombard me with question in a “Rowena Cantly-Smith-style”…it was just unknown.  But in the end it all went well.

I went to my first class (Crime Prevention and Community Safety), found the lecture theatre easily, as it was well signed. I managed to understand my lecturer clearly – maybe even more clearly than most of my Australian lecturers back at Monash.  On top of that as it was the first lecture we only got 5 mins into the course material before it was over!  It was just like back home, expect the lecture theatre was a bit wierd.  The Lecture Theatre had no aisles, but numbers doors along the wall so that from outside the room, in the stair well, you picked your row and entered the room by that tiny door and you STAYED in that row.

My other class was Gender and the Law and although we actually covered a fair bit of work here as we only have like 7 lectures in the whole semester AND…I actually enjoyed the discussion.  It may actually turn into my favourite class which is something I wouldn’t have expected (Well maybe if I had read any of the literature before I arrived I may have realised the topics were pretty cool haha). I will say though, I have never been in a room and felt more male!  Or is that felt more masculine?  Or like  a man?- they all have different meanings I found out 😉

Now for Australia Day we had always planned to go out.  Seeing as it was the first day of classes and a good way to blow out any homesickness.  We started off by catching up with a fellow Aussie from Monash at his place – a cool place and a cooler guy, picking up a few brits and heading off to Walkabout.  Now I have discussed walkabout before, but last night it was almost infested with Australians.  All of us dressed in some form of flag, hat, zinc cream, wife beater, etc combination…it was like being at the cricket without the melonheads and it was great fun.  We had great aussie music playing – initially it was JJJ’s hottest 100 but then the horrible DJ started up with all the music we requested (Barnesy, Farnsy, Living Endsy, etc).

My night was a little later than I initially planned as we ended up heading off to some club (that we couldn’t get into despite ages in a line) and then another club (that was another fun few hours), but it was the perfect end to a good day.  It was even better as I don’t start class until 2pm today so I could sleep in afterwards 😛


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  1. Pulp is EVIL 😀 Happy Australia Day Simy! Hope it was kick arse, be glad that you’re avoiding the heat wave that is destroying our city!

    Comment by shanchops | January 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Did you weep when farnsy played? I would have.

    Comment by Stevechops | January 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. did u wear ur flag ??!! 😛
    ps Happy Australia Day too!

    Comment by Siobhan | January 27, 2009 | Reply

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