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And I’ll try every drug I find, Except maybe heroin and cyanide, But theres a reason I just can’t afford it yet.

So since I arrived in the UK I have discovered a few addictions I have…some good and some not so good.  Oh and before I get started, no this is NOT an AA meeting and although my name is Simon, I am NOT an alcoholic 😛 haha  Of course, I am arguably exaggerating by using the word ‘addiction’ but I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

  • I am addicted to sunlight.  There goes my future as a prisoner in solitary confinement and it also makes my decision to study in the UK during the winter a little…or a lot foolish.  However, I just love it when you can sit in the sun and relax or are woken up by the sunlight through the windows.  Thankfully the sunlight still wakes me up in Leeds but somehow it seems to get start getting darker at 9am 😛
  • 2951844620_632ef647b91
  • I am addicted to Television.  Without it I would probably go crazy due to the silence when I am alone and my first task when I got to Leeds was to work out how to watch TV in my room…and I thankfully have! (I may also have found a way to watch the good new shows I may be missing…THANKS CHOPSY!)
  • Dexter picture
  • I am addicted to Aussies.  There is something different about us Australians, we can go any distance away from our homeland and will till love when we run into another Australian.  Tomorrow is Australia Day, and we WILL celebrate it!
  • australia_kangaroo
  • I am addicted to the internet.  I probably use about 10 different firefox tabs at once just to keep up with the amount different websites I NEED to check and I love how it means that I can be connected to anybody and everybody at once.  I can have the Australian newspapers on my laptop before the papers even hit the steps of Melbourne…just awesome!
  • I am addicted to music.  I have semi-permanently had my ipod (either shuffle or video) stuck in my ears since I waved goodbye to friends and family in Melbourne.  Interestingly enough some of the songs I have wanted to listen to have been a little different – Sick Puppies and Ben Folds have gone from occasional listens to my daily soundtrack.  Music, whatever genre, I couldn’t do without it!
  • benfolds-mso11
  • I am addicted to Sport.  I have never been the best sportsman, but I have tried and always been a big fan.  Already in the UK I have sat up late at night reading ball-by-ball coverage of Cricket…GO VICS!….watched tons of soccer (Josh and I watched another 2 games at the Old Pub today :P) and figured out how I am going to keep up with the mighty lions in 2009.  As Homer says “sport, sport, sport, sport, sport, sport, sport, sport…Bart gets to sit in the front seat because he is good at sports” 😉
  • I am addicted to Chilli.  I found myself in Marmi’s house lovingly having curry, or other assorted spicy food every night.  It was a little different to back home, and I must admit that I was little craving less spicy food at some point.  Yet, when Riza and I had dinner out…we had spicy Nepalese food and after just a few days in Leeds I have made sure to find the local curry place!
  • srilafoodplate
  • I am addicted to Mates and Family. Okay, this is where I end and get a little sentimental…but its true.  Whether new, old, conservative, liberal, long-lost or never separated it is great to know good people and call them either friend or family.
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  1. You bastard. Since you left I have watched Dexter seasons 1 and 2, and also been pumping the first Ben Folds Five album all day every day. You’re like my british twin now. Like lindsay lohan was both american and british twins in that movie back when she wasn’t a slut.

    Comment by Steve | January 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. omg Steve just made reference to “the parent trap”?! LOL

    Comment by casaboy69 | January 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. Yes for all that are asking who that strapping young lad is in the grey jumper bottom right… it’s me… 😛

    Comment by Luke | February 3, 2009 | Reply

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