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By the time the buzz was wearing off, we were standing out on the sidewalk with our tattoos that looked like rings…

Yesterday was a busy day – yeah I have taken to doing these the morning/lunchtime after as I think its easier 😛  I woke up early after sleeping like  a baby and had my first proper meal in my digs.  I had a nutritious breakfast of Orange Juice, Yogurt and an apple.  Now that’s good eating 😀

I had a few tasks that I had to do yesterday and I managed to complete them all with relative ease. Firstly I had to go to the International Students’ Office to buy a ticket for the trip to Liverpool next Saturday. There are 5 coach loads of us internationals going down for the day and all for the cost of 14 quid each.  That’s pretty cheap if you ask me…I’m on bus 3 and I was reliable informed that is the “cool bus”.  However, that was by someone on bus 4 so who knows haha

I also had to get my Leeds University Student Card and a Bank Letter so that I can set up a UK account.  This was pretty easy…although the line was massive and boringly slow moving.  Also, I have no added to my collection of photo Id’s that make me look like a criminal, drug addict or just not like me.  THAT photo couldn’t be more blurry if it had been taken under water lol I may choose to upload a photo of it later, but i may be too lazy 😛

I also suffered through a 2 hour lecture to “welcome” us international students to Leeds and the university. Now I thought the bad humour the night before was bad enough but here was a multitude of speakers again regurgitating information we have already been told a dozen times.  One ‘highlight’… or lowlight, I’m not sure…was the video for the Student Support Network.  With its over the top hammy acting (Think Home and Away meets the Bold and the Beautiful) and camera tricks it was as if it was directed by Homer “and starwipe” Simpson.  My favourite moment was where the security guard was on screen in triplicate (One in the car, one standing in front and one behind) explaining that “they are here for us”…although I am a little scared that if there isn’t 3 different guards they can get for the video, how successful this man force will be in protecting.

Last night we had another planned social night, this time at Mine bar.  It was okay – the company was good , although there was someone who was seriously overusing the smoke machine at 9pm, plastic glasses (it was like being at the cricket!) and we got kicked out at 10:30.  That’s right, 10:30.  No-one had informed us that we needed tickets to go to the club night at 10:30 so they shut the place down and we were on our way.  Now, maybe in some places of the world that would be an issue but in Leeds you can spit from pub to the next pub.

We ended up going to Halo.  Halo is a club in a converted church just not on campus and is a pretty cool venue.  It does seem a little sacrilegious, especially as there are still tomb carvings on the walls and the bar is on the alter…but what was worse is that the only cheap beer was Fosters.  I ended up breaking my self imposed embargo on the “great aussie export” and ended up having a great night.

So that was my day…how was yours? 😛 haha

One last note I’ll leave you on is that I am a little surprised that this blog seems to be getting at least 80 hits a day (actually for 5 days in a row it was either 84 or 82 exactly which was a little freaky!).  Now I don’t think I know 80 people who would care to read this (if you are reading this you are awesome 😀 hehe), so the only idea I have is that Mum must be responsible for like 79 of those hits a day  haha


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