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Don’t you wish that you could be a fly on the wall, A creepy little, sneaky little fly on the wall, All my precious secrets, yeah, You’d know them all…

So after a relatively good night sleep (I will have to get used to living around ‘people’ haha) I woke eager to start my day and start making my room more ‘home-ly’.  Actually scratch that…I first needed to set out for some essentials that I was missing (namely a towel and toilet paper).  But thanks to Marks and Spencers and Morrison’s respectively, lacking either of those supplies didn’t lead a crisis.  At this point I would also like to point out that seeing as a 12-pack cost about 1.5 pounds, I am now sitting on a supply of toilet paper that would make Grace proud (for those who don’t know Grace, imagine the end of Indiana Jones and replace the endless boxes for endless rolls of toilet paper haha).

I also had to make my first adventure to shop for a weeks worth of food.  In the end my food cost me about 40 dollars, which I think was pretty good considering that should be all meals except lunches. I bought rice crackers and margarine to go with my Vegemite for breakfasts (I realises bread goes off which rice crackers dont ;)). I bought Orange Juice as odds are that is all I will actually have for breakfast if combined with either of the apples, yogurts or oranges I also bought (Yes, I am being somewhat healthy).  With an eye towards dinners I bought some steaks that I have frozen, some stuffed pasta, white pasta sauce, normal twisty pasta and a jar of tomato sauce…that should go okay I think. My last item that I bought probably was when  I was slightly afraid about how “unhealthy” i may be over these 4 or so months…so I bought a 100 pack of multi-vitamins…probably a waste of money, but it couldn’t hurt right?

After then making my room slightly more comfortable by packing away all my clothes in the cupboard (a first for me haha) and laying out all my most important items…………………………………….


I also had  a brainwave that if I use the above calender to also keep track on food and when its use by dates are, I shouldn’t waste much food as I can be quite forgetful and actually will forget what I have bought until I discover its rotten, mouldy mess weeks later 😛

After watching a little TV, I got the IPTV thing-o to work on my laptop…YAY…I then caught up with Josh again and actually went back to see his room.  Well I say room, but they call it a suite and I call it a house.  It is massive (own kitchen, own bathroom, double bed, etc) and in a nice quite part of town that is, well, very English.  Josh was initially stuck in a rats nest of a bad, noisy room and complained (using all the ‘lawyer tricks’ and got this room). If it wasn’t a 30 min walk away from uni and a 40 min walk from the city, I would’ve been desperate to swap, but as my room is pretty good (especially considering what most people have to live in) and is the best location of almost any of the halls…I am still very happy.

We then to the  “Introductory meeting, starring the Culture Shock Comedy Drama”…and yes it was as lame as it sounds.  It was a good opportunity to meet lots of fellow foreigners, all who seemed pretty cool, actually even the British organisers seemed pretty cool but, and it is a big BUT, the “Culture Shock Comedy Drama” couldn’t have been more ‘meh’.  There was neither comedy nor drama, and at many different points we would chuckle in despair to each other when we realised that we were only 1/3rd, 2/3rds, etc through the play even though it felt like 3 hours. I have to be honest though the staff who acted it out had good intentions and really committed to their roles (except maybe the ‘father’ with accidental ever changing accents)…it was just full of ‘parent humour’.

Fortunately the night continued on at the Terrace bar where I got to meet a lot more people, a lot more good people by the looks of it.  I even, this is shocking to me, found someone who not only knew of Sentinel Towers, but lives here as well.  I can’t believe how many people give me the “huh” look when I say which accommodation I am in and I don’t know why.

Anyway, I should probably finish there.  I don’t know how this word count got so high on such, what I thought, was a non-eventful day…maybe it was the fact I seemed to, in hindsight, seriously overuse the ellipsis today haha


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  1. OH MY GOD I AM SO PROUD! that did not take long at all! and i’ll give you a good bonus point for finding a way to make it fit. (there’s several strange ways i could get it to fit! lol) awwwwwwwwwww i LOVE you, well done! glad you’re finding your feet fast, sounds great. hope you meet some more ‘people’ you can cross paths with more regularly.. like in London.. heheehe xxxx you sound really happy. awesome

    Comment by lisbeth | January 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. love the pic of ur most important items!!!!!
    glad there on display and that u’ve found another use for the awesome calendar!!! 😛

    Comment by Siobhan | January 23, 2009 | Reply

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