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Sweet home Le-e-eds, Where the skies are so blue, Sweet home Le-e-eds…

I should probably start today at yesterday.  It seems almost logical…if not a little “Mad Hatter-like”.  I have hardly felt nerves about my trip, that was until last night. I went to bed, with my bags nicely packed again (Okay messily packed) and started to think about what the next few months hold for me.  It was then that my stomach dropped.  This was the first time I had felt nervous about my trip and I felt as if I was stuck on the Pirate Ship ride at the Show.  Thankfully the feeling passed and I feel asleep.

So today started bright and early at 5am GMT.  I was graciously given a lift to the station at 6:00 by Riza on his way to work (THANKS!), a ride that gave me enough time to be early enough to well and truly deal with my paranoia about being late.  Said paranoia also played a role in me being up at 5am.  I probably could’ve easily woken up at 5:15 or even 5:30 but I had images of Riza shaking me to wake up saying we should’ve left 10 mins ago in my head…so I HAD to be careful.

Now when i finally boarded the coach at around 8:15 I was shocked.  It looked rather spacey, it looked like the leather-looking seats were rather comfortable, it looked like there were not a full coachload of people riding the bus today.  All of those proved to be right, but unfortunately the first of our two bus drivers felt the urge to punish us – so he had the heat up so high it was hotter than hell itself (Even hotter than Marmi’s house was!!!).  I managed to distract myself from my melting flesh with my ipod, which quickly ran out of battery with this fool again forgetting to charge it but thankfully I had my Shuffle back up.

We arrived at the halfway point of our journey and we weren’t stopping for long.  There was no opportunity to exercise our legs or grab a drink but THANKFULLY the bus drivers swapped over.  Just as the vitrious fluid in my eyes had evaporated completely due to the heat, our new bus driver unleashed the full force of the air-con – to our great relief.  Unfortunately it was too much to ask for that this bus driver understand that he could just turn down the heating and turn off the air con eventually and we were left with the more comfortable, but slightly awkward position of having half our body boiled by the heating at our feet and the other half frozen from the air-con from above.

When I arrived at Leeds I realised that I had forgotten to write down the address of my Accommodation…not a problem I thought.  Being the son of two geographers I initially tried to find my accommodation via memory, maps and probably smell eventually but I gave in rather quickly and just went to the International Students Office. I had to go there anyway for a briefing so as I suffered through a briefing which largely repeated information I had previously been given, I managed to find out the address of Sentinel Towers. Its on Burnley St 🙂
After I got my key from the site office, I started to look around my room.  It looked big enough, comfy enough and bare enough to be considered “butt naked”…but I suppose it could become home.  As soon as I get some BluTac for my Aussie flag that is (my first task for tomorrow :P).  It was at this point that I met my first of my flatmates (as it turned out I was living in Little-Mumbai…I couldn’t feel more like Warnie amongst the Rajasthan Royals).  He was nice enough, but he proposed that I swap rooms with his friend in the next flat.  I decided I would look at his  room and then decide.  Ordinarily I probably would’ve swapped, but I just liked the lay-out of my room better.  They didn’t seem too upset when I decided not to take up the offer…hopefully appearances don’t mask their true feelings.
Pics of the room are below….notice that this is obviously the “BEFORE” photo as I am yet to unpack.  That is a task for tomorrow.

After that I met up with Josh.  Josh is probably what I could refer to as my Aussie lifeline. I met him at the Study Abroad Orientation day and he seemed like a nice fellow.  He had also been in Leeds for a few days already so we met to catch up, discuss his somewhat horrific start to his time in Leeds, I got to see around the city for a bit and of course we ate dinner and shared a few pints – we are good Aussies after all.

That leaves me here…typing away at my keyboard.  I have a lot to do tomorrow and am pretty tired, so I’ve made the gutsy decision not to proof read this post.  After all when I’m a  rich, successful lawyer I won’t need to proof read…that’s what clerks are for!


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  1. I am pleased to hear that you have arrived safely. Take care and sweet dreams, luv mum

    Comment by Christine | January 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. omg, think i just really realised where you are and how far away (the powerpoints in the photos gave it up lol) !! xx good luck and lots of love!!

    Comment by lisbeth | January 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. Good that you are ensconced and all is well, son. Place looks reasonably cosy-look forward to hear how you go with your flatmates and all else.

    Love Dad

    PS Wonder where the paranoia about lateness come from! 😀 Mea culpa..!

    Comment by Niranjan | January 22, 2009 | Reply

  4. a) the pirate ship is pure evil
    b) nice digs simy! make it pretty and put a photo of me somewhere :p
    c) your pizza hut has been robbed twice in the last week! good time to get out of town!

    Comment by shanchops | January 22, 2009 | Reply

  5. “Hotter than Marmi’s house” – My God, that IS hot!

    It was good fun getting to know you a bit, best of luck up there. But, you’ll never beat me at carrom!


    Comment by Riza | January 22, 2009 | Reply

  6. Can you send me some BluTac via express post? For the life me I can’t find any in this silly country!! (and its not like I can ask for it!) I can’t put up my Radiohead, Portishead and various other music posters Ive been collecting on my reasonably bare walls (other than my really damn cool poster of Charlie Chaplin – which came with the flat but I’m stealing).

    Anyway, fly from Leeds to Prague for about 60 Euros 1 way.

    What are you doing next weekend? (Jan 30) I might come and see you! (And pick up some BluTac) 😉

    Comment by Juzzy | January 22, 2009 | Reply

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