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So today was not my most “extreme” day in the UK, but it was a good day to relax before heading up to Leeds and living a new life.  I woke up late (well late for “UK Simon”, but early for “Australian Simon”) and organised a few things.  I spoke to a few people on msn/skype, looked over a few websites, showered and then I completed my collection of ‘British Family Action Figures’.  Around for lunch were Myn (My other “Cousin”), Jo (His wife) and their…energetic daughter Annie May.  Rounding out the dinner (or lunch) table was Riza, Marmi, Uncle Nawaz, Amali and myself.

It was pretty much like all family meals you can have. There were jokes flying back and forth (Some that left the Australian a little quietly bemused), lots of good food (followed by lots of “would you like some more” “are you sure you’re not still hungry”…no matter how much you’ve eaten), some of ‘pop culture talk’ (which Simon of course got involved with…”Paris Hilton’s My British Best Friend” has been added to my to watch list haha), some Carrom (which Simon is still failing to master) and just general banter.  It was a fun, yet relaxing afternoon.

Annie May was an active little 5 year old and confirmed to me that I still like any excuse to be able to muck around like a kid, it definitely beats the “adult talk” at times.  She also confirmed that although kids are awesome, cute and fun…I don’t want any until MUCH further down that track.  At least until I have the money to pay someone to look after them when I get bored with playing  😛 haha  Annie May also has a pretty good sense of humour, even if it may not be intentional.  On saying goodbye, she was prompted to give her cousin Simon a kiss.  The little one then retorted “No, I’ll blow you a kiss…as I’ve only just met you and you don’t kiss strangers”  (or words to that effect) haha

Anyway, I’m done for today.  I will tell anyone who will listen though, before I go, that after seeing Slumdog Millionaire last night, EVERYONE MUST SEE IT.  It is awesome, I can’t tell you why it is good (it is a bit of an enigma)…but trust me it is!


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