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Okay so yesterday was a little different to the days that have preceded it here in London.  There was no touristy things, instead I slept in and caught up with an old friend.  So, since my morning yesterday would be rather boring to read about, unless the literary equivalent of watching me sleep interests you, I am going to start at the night before.
The night before I was introduced to a game called Carrom (I think that’s spelt right but I never did bother to ask).  Pretty much we are talking about a form of table snooker played with disks on a polished wooden table where the aim is to ‘flick’ the equivalent of the white ball at the disks in hope that you pocket one of yours.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  Well after watching Uncle Nawaz and Riza have a game, it was my turn to have a go.  Thanks to a little bit of beginners luck I didn’t humiliate myself too much (that would come later haha).  Although some might say the real reason was that Riza allowed me a 4 disk head start.  As we played a few more games two things became obvious.  Riza was improving as the night wore on…and I wasn’t.  There was even one game where I managed to only pot negative 1.  With my 4 disk head start, and thanks to pocketing the ‘white ball’ I had one of my givens put back on the table.  It was a pretty fun game, I can see how it could become addictive, but still part of me thinks that Riza may have taught me the game just so that he could have someone to easily beat 😛 lol

Now back to my day.  After eventually waking up I headed off to meet Gareth.  Gareth was a friend from Primary School who I hadn’t seen in years and only had a little bit of interaction in the form of a few facebook messages and texts to organise catching up.  However it was a prety fun afternoon/night.  Ican’t really tell you what we talked about, I can’t really remember exactly.  I know there was a few stories about the old days (being told off by the teacher for not picking her son in the “buddies we want in our class next year” produced as much hilarity as it did at the time).  There was the expected “so…what you do with yourself these days” kind of topics.  But in the end we just hung out and it was pretty cool.

I suppose when you talk about friends as a concept its probably as complex as the family issue that I have already touched on.  A friend is such a broad term used for such a variety of people.  You will be telling a story and refer to someone as “my friend” and probably not even think about it.  But what is a friend? In the days of facebook and myspace the term, at least in online circles, has lost a little meaning as is it possible to have 8000 friends?

I think in the end you have a variety of different friends. You have the friends you see almost daily. You have the friends you catch up with regularly. You have the friends you only see if you happen to bump into them. You have the friends you don’t see for 8 years yet can still catch up for a few beers and have fun with ’em and you have the friends who you know through a particular workplace, school or uni who you know once the common ground falls away you probably will not see them again.  I’ve probably missed way too many categories but you get the point, a friend is just someone you enjoy seeing and spending some time with. The other issues associated with friends I don’t think really matter in the end.

Before I finish this and start my day I thought I should touch on the WHERE Gareth and myself had those beers and chatted.  We went to an “aussie pub” called Walkabout. Now any aussie who has been to the UK has probably been and knows what I’m talking about.  It is like no aussie pub I’ve ever been to…it’s like a british person’s stereotypical view of Australia, if he was on acid at the time.  You have the paintings of Warney and a token aboriginal. You have the sand coloured walls and wooden, rustic chairs and tables.  You even have Fosters and Tooheys on tap and VB in the fridge behind the bar.  It was a fun place to experience, and kinda apt place for me and Gareth to catch up…but it got me thinking. Is that what the english really think about Australia…and the thought somewhat scares me!


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  1. Hey S,

    Yes, you spelt it right. But I’m confident in my Carrom abilities and will challenge anyone to a game or two!

    And yes as well, that is what we English really do think of Australia, and that they can’t play Carrom of course.

    Comment by Riza | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Game on Simon. You can teach me when I come to visit and we can have a super family Carrom face off. Chances are i will be worse than you so don’t worry.

    In relation to friends – I think Attwood is officially my expert on the subject – I’ll ask him to officially document it for us both.

    Comment by Juzzy | January 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. Yay…simon may beat someone 😀 haha

    Comment by casaboy69 | January 17, 2009 | Reply

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