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Okay so after embracing my rather ‘geekier’ side in the last few days I decided that today I should man it up somewhat.  So, seeing as the nearest VB, Blue Heeler, Ute and Wife beater were thousands of miles away I decided the best I could do was do something sports related.  I ended up doing a tour of Stamford Bridge.

Stamford Bridge is the home ground of the Chelsea Football Club (You know the guys, they wear blue, are owned by a rich russian and attempt to buy trophies by spending millions of pounds on players/managers).  Stamford Bridge is not, or at least for me it is not, some sort of historical site to do with 1066 that my lovely mother assumed it was when I had a brief discussion with her about my plans for my day earlier this morning  (my time).

Now I know I’ve probably wasted to many keystrokes on discussing my adventures with London’s public transport but I have a few more points to make after today’s trip.  Firstly, I should never leave home without charging my ipod.  I got 3 songs into my bus trip to have silence deafen me and then I was left to my own thoughts all the way there and back…making the company very boring haha.

Also, I have been trying to figure out why the recorded voice on the buses seems to annoy me so.  Now of course, just like it always is in Australia, it is a female voice and   she reads out a destination it has grazed me the wrong way and it was today I figured out why.  She says the stops/destinations as if she is surprised!  Like “omg are we really going there?!”   You would think they could’ve given her enough takes that her shock on i reading would’ve worn down…but that wasn’t the case.  *By the way I am aware that such a minor thing should not annoy me as much as it does, but it was aggravated today by the fact the ipod had died*  Finally in response to people asking me…there was no addition to my accidental stalking story today – our paths didn’t cross.


Now when I got to Stamford Bridge it looked very much like any other stadium and being from Melbourne I’ve seen a fair few.  There were posters of players up on the walls, masses of concrete and it was well sign posted where I needed to go.  Even when I went inside to the area the tour would start from, it wasn’t that different.  Not to say that it wasn’t fun to walk around, see the stands and pitch I had seen on TV so many times, it just wasn’t as ground-breakingly different as I assumed it could be, seeing as we are over the other side of the world.

We saw all the major areas of the arena – the players changing rooms (both home and away…with the away teams being at such significantly poorer standard you had to laugh), press room (with withs open bar for the journalists unfortunately closed, although I am sure that does wonders to keep the press onside), players race, walked out into the dugout and most of the different stands.  Our intrepid guide for this tour was Andy.  I think he did his job fine, he seemed to have all the main facts very much on the tip of his british tongue and even threw in some humour for good measure. One thing that did annoy me a little, and it seems to be the theme for today, was how he spoke/his intonation. Specifically the fact he spoke to us as if we were 3 year olds haha  Now I understand he has probably been trained to speak this way as so many foreigners take the tour (in fact myself and two brits were the only people with english as a first language on my tour)…but it does get a little annoying after a while.


So thats it for the day, no real ground breaking discoveries about life, love or the universe, although the moral of today is that simon can too quickly be annoyed by people speaking in annoying ways.  Actually scratch that, thats a lame point to make!  I am going to go back a couple of days, in the blog equivalent of the de lorean, and say the moral of today is that all of you should watch Wanted.  I watched it with Riza and Nawaz the other day and it was awesome (in an explosion, gunfire, special effects, angelina jolie kinda way).  It still is probably a lame moral…but at least you’ll get 1 hour and 41 mins of enjoyment out of this new, equally lame moral


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  1. Hi Simon Nan tried to send you a message but her computer was giving her problems so this is a message from her. She loves reading all about the trip and she looks forward to swapping stories when you return.

    luv mum and nan

    Comment by Christine | January 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. i have checked your blog like a hundred times to see this exact post still here.. not unexpected really lol. can anyone say ‘trying desperately to distract themselves, too much free time at work, please someone give me something interesting to do so i can be distracted before i lose my mind?’ lol

    Comment by lisbeth | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  3. Is there a bridge at Stamford Bridge? Have you found the Elephant or Castle at Elephant and Castle. What’s at Upminster is there a Downminster? All questions I ask myself whilst riding London public transport!

    Comment by Jennifer Casinader | January 20, 2009 | Reply

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