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Gloves, extra digits and accents

So seeing as I am still new to this and thus quite excited lets make it 2 posts in 2 days. I thought I’d write about my initial impressions of England seeing as in 6 months time, I would have adjusted to my new environment and I doubt I will be able to remember the things that surprised me on arrival.

Firstly, it is cold. Yes I know that this shouldn’t be that surprising but it is a different sort of cold than I have experienced before. A jacket and gloves are officially my bare minimum before I will even think about going outside. Although I am able to show off my fancy new shirts around the house…especially considering the heating is usually on to a level well above that of an Australian summer haha.

Another thing that surprised me, even though it probably shouldn’t is that it looks just like it does on TV. The police officers look like they are from The Bill, the houses look like those that are renovated/bought/sold on the raft of British shows on the Lifestyle channel, the bottle-o’s are off licenses and the supermarkets are Tesco’s. In short, my good friend television never lies 😉


I was excited to see that, again as TV had warned me, there seems to be a pub on every corner and if you haven’t seen one in 10 mins walking…you are walking in circles 😉 This is great news to me, but the sad point is that I have seen WAY too many ads for Fosters (The beer we export so as not to have to drink it ourselves).


I actually searched the bottle shop across the road in a desperate attempt to find ‘good’ aussie beer and was delighted to find they stocked Coopers pale ale (as depicted below in my 21st birthday cake haha). Now I would loving drink good english or european beer…but I am sure the fact I can find the sweet tastes of home should be able to ward off any homesickness (and also give me hope that the british know we can actually brew drinkable beverages).


My one achievement for today was that I actually bought my mobile phone that will, hopefully, last me for my 6 months in the UK. For the grand price of 10 pounds I bought a prepaid handset with T-mobile. One text and one phone call into it, I think it is working well. What is of interest, to me anyway, is that the mobile numbers are one digit longer. Yes, I realise there are more than 40 million more people that will be needin numbers here…but still this is something I doubt I will be able to get used to (I am usually quite good at remember numbers and this extra digit has thrown me haha). For those interested my number is…*as simon looks it up*…07538786982.

My final observation for now is that buying things with cash is a little different. 1p and 2p coins mean that rounding off is an idea yet to reach England and I can see myself quickly getting a rather large collection of coins I will never use.


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  1. I think any comments I make brother, will simply be Prague vs London/Leeds comparisons. Then we can fight (and I mean physical punch on) later about which one is better. 🙂 Therefore, in comment:

    – You’ll be taking that comment re: “good aussie beer” and “drinkable beverages” back when you venture beyond England. You will soon realise that there actually is no such thing: its a myth.
    – The heating is impossible to deal with over here. You need 5 layers to even venture outside, yet the buildings are overheated volcano styles. But at least the buildings are never cold.
    – TV never lies. I could have told you that.
    – And I’m gonna say it again. Cold? Is it -10? Didn’t think so. 🙂

    Enjoy your first week living overseas. Soak it all in bro. It’s a great experience. Chat soon.

    Comment by Juzzy | January 10, 2009 | Reply

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